78inc. (Part 3): Advice

The advice we are often told about rising in the digital industry is to build a profile, grow your network, and to jump at every opportunity. Which is great advice, but also a little redundant. What do you do if you don’t by chance run into a good connection, or don’t naturally have the skills to be incredibly social, or don’t know how to out yourself out there? Reena and Aashiq’s advice is out of the usual, maybe even unconventional, and can be taken in personally or professionally.  Regardless, it’s exactly what we all need to get to where we want to go, regardless of the industry or jobs we take.


What’s your advice to the generation going into this industry?

With an accumulation of 40+ years of experience between both of the founders, they set out to venture on creating a business that they felt personally was lacking as consumers six years prior. Both are naturally creative and caring people who want to provide a service for the betterment of others. Having given the opportunity to do that, they want others to grow with them collectively, and do what makes them happy. With trial and error and life getting in the mix, their advice comes from their own experiences and growth. 

“Disclaimer: if it’s right for me, it doesn’t have to be right for you, but I can only advise what I believe in. Everyone operates in their own time zone, and if I am successful at 25, doesn’t mean someone else has to be at 25”.

Aashiq’s advice is to:   

  1. Be fearless; let go of being judged, of making mistakes, and you’ll be better much quicker. 
  2. Learn. The university of Google is free. 
  3. Shadow someone you look up to and work with them for however long you need. Do what you have to do, to do better and find what you’re good at to impact the world with. 
  4. Surround yourself with people you love and like.
  5. Things change, what got you through the last ten years won’t get you through the next ten. 
  6. Do all your work like it’s the last thing you’ll work on.

“I would not be where I am or who I am if I had not made the mistakes in the past”.

Reena’s advice: 

  1. Lose the attitude at the door. People won’t care who you are if they aren’t happy with your work. 
  2. See where you can add value, don’t present someone with something they already have. 
  3. Read on emotional intelligence so you can interact with people better. 
  4. Diversity is so important. Speak more languages, take part in more experiences, get out of your comfort zone.

In the end, the takeaway is that being successful is about how well you know yourself and be able to read others. Find out what you love, and never stop doing it and trying to achieve your goals even if it takes time. Having the passion and heart to do the job is half of the work, because how you care will always reflect through the work you do and that’s what will set you apart. Never stop growing and expanding your horizons. 

Be humble. Be kind. Be patient. Know yourself. Read others. And just do.

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Reem is a Third Culture Kid from Saudi Arabia, and has lived in six different places her whole life. She is currently a third-year New Media transfer. She’s passionate about books, dance, and is open to trying new things. She wants to make a positive impact in some way through community work and advocacy. Fiction writing has always been her forte, but she’s coming back to be a blog writer this year!