Staple Face Masks for Anyone’s Style!

With more than half of our faces required to be covered in public spaces, face masks are now a staple element of our outfits that can be creatively styled to perfection! Today I’ve decided to share some of my favourite masks with you, these options are versatile and can appeal to anyone’s fashion sense, this blog will feature less talking and more showing! So let’s get into it 🙂

Funky Patterns:

(Image Credit: Joy Khan, SpiritLive, 2021)


I didn’t choose the pattern life, the pattern life chose me! 


I absolutely love these animal print inspired face masks, they are amazing accessories for the most basic outfits. They may seem out of the ordinary, but don’t knock prints until you try them, I’m sure you’ll fall in <3

The lowkey party...

This one’s for those who love neutral tones, but still desire for a fun and trendy print.  Tye-dye print has made a HUGE comeback and I ain’t mad at it.  The use of black and white allows for optimum versatility when styling this mask!

Aritzia’s super puff jackets in mask form? YES MA’AM! 

Shiver no more in these super insulated masks, they are perfect for the last lingering days of winter.

If you decide to purchase, please be conscientious about the sizing options for these, I am wearing the petite masks which fit perfectly for me, but there is also a standard size option

Warm n’ Cozy

You don’t have to have 10,000 face masks to introduce versatility into this mandatory accessory. Collecting a few staple ones is a perfect start to covering cutely <3

BTW: The majority of the masks I’ve featured today are from Garage Clothing, they are having an amazing sale right now, BOGO FREE MASKS. Yup, some things are too good to be true.  The aritzia features are currently $12 which, if you ask me, is a shocking price for Aritzia products.

Direct links to featured masks:

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