Natural Products to Integrate into Your Everyday Health and Beauty Routine!

Hey Naturalistas! 

When I think of the concept of “natural” or “organic”, I initially consider it in connection to food, but to confirm my thought, I decided to ask my Instagram followers:

Turns out, the majority of them also attribute the terms with food!


But lately I’ve been challenging myself to consider other ways in which my body absorbs.  Health and Beauty products are a key method of consumption, they are typically applied directly to our skin and absorbed.  With this in mind, I’ve made an effort to adjust my Health and Beauty products to include natural or organic versions of the products I use everyday. 


Going natural doesn’t have to be daunting, start slowly by integrating some of these everyday products into your regimen! 🙂


Deodorant was one of the first products I decided to go natural with because of its direct contact with larger underarm pores. The idea of chemicalized ingredients potentially getting trapped in my pores did not sit well with me, however, it’s super common to experience product buildup on your underarms.  


Switching to natural deodorant brands such as Zionhealth and Humble has literally been a breath of fresh air, I prefer the natural fragrances they offer as opposed to the very strong ones found in staple deodorant brands and they keep me smelling and feeling fresh all day! 

Certain Winners locations sell a wealth of natural deodorants to choose from (which is where I purchased the ones in the image!) Lush also offers some amazing, natural and 100% vegan antiperspirants that can be explored here.


Speaking of Lush, check out this body spray! I was enamoured by the unique packaging and just had to purchase it.  If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all natural and cruelty products, I would definitely recommend Lush.  This Rose Jam body spray is unbelievably potent and literally lasts all day with just one or two sprays.  If you’re not a fan of floral scents, don’t worry! They offer a vast collection of other beautiful and long lasting body sprays and even an entire natural perfume line to choose from!


When looking at the ingredient list on my old Crest, Colgate and Scope toothpastes, I could barely pronounce anything, which is a sign of A LOT OF CHEMICALS! 


I recently switched over to Atomy toothpaste, which offers me a more natural method of brushing my teeth with key ingredients: propolis and green tea leaf extract.  I love the fresh feeling it gives me without the overwhelming and chemicalized minty fragrance.  Not to mention, Atomy upholds my oral health just as effectively as the mainstream brands, prioritizing tartar removal, cavity protection and the removal of bad breath.

Another brand that offers amazing natural toothpaste is Burt’s Bees.  Their line can be found here.


Okay, I know what you’re thinking… This is coconut oil, not makeup remover!

But trust me on this, coconut oil has been my trusted makeup remover for years. It’s cheap, moisturizing and so effective! What I do is damp a cotton pad with warm water, apply some coconut oil to the pad, massage it on my face and voila! The makeup literally melts off within seconds; I follow up by cleaning my face normally.


The list of benefits of African Black Soap is endless but some personal differences I’ve noticed since switching from the traditional Irish Spring brand include my skin looking brighter, feeling smother and most importantly, it literally leaves my skin squeaky clean without drying it out.  The ingredients speak for themselves, African Black Soap is typically composed of sun-dried and roasted African plants, such as plantain and shea tree bark; water and oils, such as coconut, palm and shea butter are then added to the splendid mixture. I typically purchase mine at my local beauty supply store!

The earth is filled with natural gems that are so much safer and more effective than common commercialized beauty products! I hope this has inspired you to discover some natural products that work for you!

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