The 5 HOTTEST Bath and Body Works/White Barn Candles: Joy’s Picks!

Although it meant waiting in a two-hour lineup, the annual Bath and Body Works Candle Day weekend sale was one I simply couldn’t miss.  Just in time for Christmas, Candle Day was the perfect one-stop gift shop for friends and fam.  Intentionally selecting candles for my loved ones with fragrances that reminded me of them, added that personal touch I aim for when gifting, and with the modest price point of $10.95 per luxurious 3-wick candle, you know I had to add to my collection.  Today’s blog will be a scent diary through my top five favourite candles from the Bath and Body Works/ White Barn company, open the eyes of your noses and let’s go on a journey. 

#1: RELAX | Aromatherapy Collection
Like a lullaby, like home, like peace after a berserk Monday

Recognized for its wealth of soothing and sedative products, the aromatherapy collection did not disappoint with this beauty.  The Relax candle is my go-to after a trying day.  


Sold-out for good reason, this candle features a delightful melange of the smell of sweet sleep and restoration, as subtle lavender and baby powder aromas alleviate your day’s stresses.  


This candle is perfect to light as you get ready for bed, but remember to put it out before you start snoring!

Like cherry jolly ranchers, like a margarita on the rocks, like the colours of a sunrise

If jolly ranchers grew on trees, this is what they’d smell like.  White Barn’s Pomegranate Lemonade candle has a crispy and zingy essence you can almost taste.  


At first sniff, it bestows a potent punch of pomegranate at the height of its ripeness, as if a handful of pomegranate seeds had combusted between your molars.  


This eye-widening revelation is quickly followed by a subsidiary whiff of tangy frozen lemonade. YUM!

#3: PARIS CAFÉ | White Barn
Like walking into Starbucks, like when you realize you’re an adult, like bitter-sweet news

At first whiff, your eyes roll back at the depth of this aroma. It’s that candle scent you’d never expect to be a candle scent.  


Paris Café is nostalgic of the hustle and bustle of pre-covid student life, the rush to your favourite coffee shop in between classes, the kick of energy that pulls you through, the suspense of awaiting your presentation slot or exam results, early mornings on the subway.  


Everything we might have taken for granted in one piping inhale. 

#4: FRESH CUT LILACS | White Barn
Like a spring wedding day, like grandma’s house, like Stevie Wonder’s Ribbon in the Sky

If you’ve ever smelt a bouquet of flowers, you might agree that it’s subtle, flirty aroma does not always live up to its vibrant and intricate appearance.  The Fresh Cut Lilacs candle is the scent you’d expect from to arouse from a bouquet of flowers.  


It’s concentrated aroma will fill any room with the equivalent of a thousand lilacs.  It’s aura is pungent and flamboyant, yet sophisticated and bridal, the perfect pick for every floral lover out there!

#5: HOT BUTTERED RUM | Bath & Body Works
Like coming home for reading week, like a warm embrace, like sugar, spice and everything nice, like the finer things in life

Hot Buttered Rum is seductive, sweet and warm.  It’s thermal fragrance feels like safety and the answer to all your unknowns.  


This rich, endearing and majestic treasure will surely win anyone over with it’s undertones of cinnamon, caramel, butter and rum.  It really is the candle for anyone’s palette, I know you’ll love it!

Lighting a candle can completely change the tone of your space, boost creative drive or help keep a memory alive.  If you’re not a candle person, I get where you’re coming from, I too have not always been a fan; but with an open mind, I’m sure you’ll find something you LOVE.  If you’re already a candle lover, these five are must-haves will not disappoint as staple additions to your collection!

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