Maintaining Good Mental Health During Lockdown

Something that most of us are dealing with during this time is a mental health toll. It’s really difficult to feel happy, motivated, and optimistic while having such a similar routine for so long and not having much of a choice about where you spend your time. It’s especially difficult when it feels like there is no end or halt in sight. But, this doesn’t mean that

all hope should be lost! There are many little things that can be done in order to keep up with your mental health. It’s so important to do so because your mental state affects everything else that you do. 

Something that has really helped me is going to bed and waking up at what I classify as a decent time (this is different for everybody). The main reason I do this is so that I wake up at an early enough time to be able to soak up as much of the sun as possible. Since it gets dark a little earlier than most of us would like, waking up at an earlier time is the best way to achieve this. Always make sure you’re well rested!

Being well rested goes hand in hand with this next step: listen to your body. If your body is tried, you’ll most likely perform poorly in whatever it is that you’re doing! It’s usually in our best interest to just rest when our body needs it. Of course since life can get busy, it can be tricky to allow yourself to take a moment but a 15-30 minute nap has never hurt anybody — just make sure you wake up in time for you to get back to the responsibilities that you have.

Another thing that I’ve done my best to implement into my quarantine life is some sort of routine that doesn’t feel mundane. Little things like making coffee once you get out of bed, getting out of your pyjamas and putting other clothes on, making your bed (so that you’re less likely to get back into it so quickly), maintaining a skincare routine, and starting my school work at a specific time. Routine makes us feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose which helps in the realm of happiness and motivation.

We all miss the friends and family that we can no longer see. So, finding out a time where everybody is free to talk and setting up a virtual meeting of some sort helps tremendously! Although it isn’t the same as seeing your loved ones in person, adding a premeditated social element to your day, week, or even month, makes a huge difference. Most of us feel lonely and talking to the people we love gets us out of that rut. There are even games you can play with friends virtually like Among Us, Codenames, and Psych. 

Lastly, pandemic or not, make sure to make time for the things that you love to do. Society has a funny way of making us think and believe that if you’re not doing something that can contribute to your academic or occupational success that you’re wasting your time. But doing something that makes you happy should never feel like a waste of time. Doing what you love means investing in yourself and your happiness, and our well being should be put above all else.




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