A Mistle-toast to the Holiday Season

Happy Almost Holiday !! 😀 Look at that, who would’ve thought…. We made it to the end of a semester 😮 So in honour of those who may not be able to go home this holiday (we’re on the same boat :/)  or just want some random activities to do during yet another lockdown… I GOT YOU! 

*Of course, I tried to make this list as ‘away-from-home friendly’ as possible 😀

Tis the Seasoning:

Image Credit: Chow Hon Lam; Boredpanda.com
  • Chef it up– learn a new skill or refine your skill with some more baking (make some gingerbread cookies, or a christmas cake perhaps?)  or even cook a little more during your holiday (make some ham, or improve your salad game if you want something on the more simple side)
  • Explosion of flavour– make a hot chocolate bomb! It’ll be the perfect experience to snuggle up in your onesie, throw on a movie and drink some hot chocolate. Check these sites out for more info on chocolate bombs: < 1 , 2 >
  • The weather can’t stop you now– have a cute little picnic in your living room where you can escape the horrid cold of the outside world.

Once I tried to paint the sky but I blue it:

Image Credit: news.artnet.com
  • DIY your way out of boredom– get your trusty glue gun and let’s get creative .. make some christmas decorations like ornaments out of foil, string and paint, or stockings using pieces of felt and cardboard letter cutouts… the possibilities are ENDLESS!


  • Photoshoot– Have a family photoshoot and create Christmas cards or have a personal photoshoot and get some pictures for your Instagram 


  • Fort-night– build a fort with blankets and pillows and have a movie marathon inside 


  • Start a project that you have been pushing off for a while — it can be anything from making a vision board to painting a piece to filling some forms out.

I’m Snow Bored:

Image Credit: memesbam.com
  • Kahoot– Create some questions to see which family member knows you best or throw in some random fun facts and see who is more knowledgeable 


  • Let’s get physical.. physical– learn a new dance.. Search up “Just Dance” dances and dance the night away :’D. Or for our dancers out there, choreograph a new dance and do some improvisation. 


  • What doesn’t sound great about sitting on a chair with a blanket thrown over you while you have soft music in the background, a cup of tea/coffee by your side and a good book in your hands?— nothing… the answer is nothing. 

And there you have it.. A few activities that you can do during our extended break 😀 And if you didn’t like the Christmas puns.. Well… you’re just rude-olf ;D

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