How to Stay Active During Quarantine

We are all in a tough situation. Most days, we sit in front of a computer, eat our meals, and sleep. It makes it hard to find time for ourselves and our own wellbeing. A good way to keep up with our health is to move our bodies somehow! Some movement is better than none at all and being active contributes greatly to our health, especially in times like these… along with the healthiest diet you can follow (be sure to treat yourself regularly though, these are tough times and you deserve it). Along with the difficulty of staying active, it has been hard to stay motivated and productive, but these two go hand in hand. 

I recommend starting the day off with a nice big glass of water. This is said to help you feel refreshed and alert. Most people say that starting their days off with some sort of physical activity sets the tone for the remainder of the day. However, I know that sometimes this can be hard so my personal goal is to get at least 15 minutes of physical activity every single day. The same routine without change can become very mundane, so I thought of some unique ways to get your blood pumping.


Go for a walk outside! Whether it be around the block or to your favourite coffee shop. Please wear a mask, sanitize your hands, and wash them as soon as you are able to. Make sure to throw any disposable equipment in the proper place. Being indoors all the time with the same scenery can have detrimental effects on our mental health, so going for a walk will give you fresh air, energy, and a nice change of scenery for a portion of the day.

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Find some workout routines on YouTube! It is easy to find different videos that vary in length! You will never regret making a good choice for your body and mind. Not only are there workouts but yoga guides, meditation, and so much more. 

If you have stairs in the place that you live, try to take advantage. Set a daily goal for yourself with regards to how many times you want to walk up and down them. This is more effective than you might think.


Last and certainly not least… video games. Every Wii console comes with WiiSports which makes physical activity very fun and interactive. Finding something that you love to do is the key to this process. 

All of this being said, we all have our off days and we should not beat ourselves up for them. Sometimes, we just need a break, and that is completely okay. All of these tips are for the sake of wellbeing and mental health — prioritize these. Quarantine is not easy for anybody and you are not alone in any negative feeling you have towards this seemingly never ending time. Try to find things to be grateful and proud of yourself for. Take care of yourselves!

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