Hidden Gems in Cottage Country

Back in March when COVID-19 shut school down and all of us who were living in residence found ourselves scrambling to get home, I packed my things and moved 3 hours north to Muskoka. I found myself going from the never ending noise and movement of the city, to the stillness of cottage country. In the new climate of the world I went looking for ways to get out of the house without putting my family or others at risk. And so, when looking for things to do in Muskoka, the most logical thing to do is go looking in nature. With that in mind, I started asking around, and looking online for the hidden gems I hadn’t yet seen. I visited many different spots throughout the Muskoka area, from small spots not many know about, to some more popular places. And through that I found some truly stunning spots, so here are my top few:

Arrowhead’s Stubbs Falls

This beautiful waterfall can be found on the Stubbs Falls hiking trail in Arrowhead. A spot to just sit, relax, listen to the water rushing down, and take some photos. This is personally one of my favourite places in Huntsville.

Located: Arrowhead Provincial Park Huntsville Ontario.

Approximately 2.5 Hours from Ryerson University.  

Parking: Pay for a day pass at the front gate, parking throughout the park.

Food: The park is about 15 minutes away from the beautiful downtown Huntsville where you can find restaurants, cafes, and much more! But, once inside the park, you will need to bring your own food and drinks.

Arrowhead Fire & Ice Skate Trail

With winter upon us, Arrowhead also has a yearly Torch Lit Skate that runs through the parks trails. There is nothing like skating through the forest under the stars. The trail is beautiful through the day and even more stunning at night.

(Please keep in mind Covid may affect this event)

Screaming Heads

IMG SRC: Explorersedge.ca

This one’s a little weird. Just north of Muskoka, there is a piece of land that artist Peter Camani has opened to the public and covered in his art. Scattered throughout his 300 acre property are these huge sculptures of “Screaming Heads”. And to top it off, the property also has a castle, huge spider web gates, many sculptures and more. This is a great spot to walk around and admire this obscure and fascinating art.

Located: 925-1201 Midlothian Rd, Burk’s Falls, 

Approximately 3 hours from Ryerson University.  

Parking: There is a parking lot at the entrance of the property, parking is free but donations are encouraged. 

Food: The closest town is Burks Falls where you can find a few local restaurants.

Hunters Bay Trail Huntsville

Hunters bay trail is a 4.6 km hiking trail that runs along Hunters Bay in Huntsville. The scenic trail runs through beautiful bush that in the fall, is vibrant with colours. And has a point in which it connects to a long boardwalk dock on Hunters Bay. The dock is a beautiful place to sit, have lunch, walk along and even to go for a swim. 

Located: Center Street Huntsville Ontario 

Approximately 2.5 Hours from Ryerson University. 

Parking: There are different parking areas near the different entrances of the trail.

Food: Located about 15 minutes away from the beautiful downtown Huntsville. Bring your own food or drinks for the trail. 

So, if you’re looking for somewhere to go for the day to get out of the craziness of the city, consider taking a trip up to cottage country. This is a great way to get out and active, all the while keeping yourself, your loved ones and others safe in these crazy times. 

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