Local Toronto Businesses to Support This Holiday Season

We’re full swing into the holiday season now as the weather is turning colder, festive music and movies are on repeat, baked goods are in the oven, and our only attire is our pj’s. However normal that may seem, this holiday season is far from what we’re used to.


Everyone has been impacted over the past couple of months in so many different ways, and has taken a toll on our own community here in Toronto. As the holidays are quickly approaching, it’s now important more than ever to reconsider how we are going to make a difference this season. 


As we start to think about gift giving this year, it’s very important that we all make a greater effort to support locals. To buy handmade items, support businesses that we know, and help out the self-employed. Putting support back into our own community is so important for the times that we’re living in right now, and for the future days to come. 


Here is a list of some fantastic local businesses to support over this holiday season. 


Please remember, only give out gifts to your loved ones if you are in the right place to do so. Not everyone is it their best position to be giving out gifts this year due to individual circumstances, and that is completely okay. This year has been hard. Your friends and family will be absolutely ecstatic to even have the chance to spend time with you: virtually or in person. The best gift you can give is your own personal presence, and never underestimate the value of a homemade card! Happy holidays everyone.

Peace Collective

An iconic Toronto brand that’s a crowd favourite. A company that values community, authenticity, and commitment, Peace Collective makes for a great gift option to show your support towards our city this holiday season. Their reusable face masks are a fantastic gift idea for any family member or friend. For every face mask purchase, they donate one mask to a frontline worker. Check out their site here.


A local Toronto-based fitness brand with ethically and sustainably sourced fabric, materials, and packaging. Stepping away from fast fashion, this local company has a strong business emphasis on community and is a great fitness and athleisure gift option. Work from home attire has become extremely popular over the past couple of months, and Namastetics has an amazing selection of unique athletic wear. Check out their products here.

Local Coffee Shops

There are tons of great local coffee shops in and around the GTA that need our support now more than ever. Grabbing a comforting, hot drink is the perfect outing for this time of year. Everyone can benefit from a coffee shop gift card! Check out some of these local downtown favourites over this holiday season:


Jimmy’s Coffee

Page One

Pilot Coffee Roasters

Bluestone Lane


Bare Market

Toronto’s first package-free goods store is a great place to shop for locally and sustainably sourced body care products, bulk items, food products, and home care pieces. Many items are exclusive to Bare Market, making for a great option to support locals and take care of the environment while doing so. They have an endless supply of unique gifts of all kinds. Check out their amazing selection here.

Bag of Toronto

A perfect Toronto-based curated gift bag. Order these unique bags filled with an assortment of food and gift products from different neighbourhoods around the city. For a set price, choose a specific neighbourhood to support and receive an interesting selection of five to seven surprise products from your chosen area in a handcrafted gift bag. Queen West, Ossington, Bloordale, the options are endless. This holiday season, check out the amazing brand new initiative here.

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