Putting Your Best FACE Forward with Local Black-owned Businesses!

We’ve all seen the posts of Black screens on #BlackOutTuesday, the petitions, the protests and the hashtags.  Spreading knowledge and advocating for justice on social media platforms is powerful!  Since the pandemic hit, I’ve personally resorted to advocating for causes close to my heart by educating myself on social issues such as anti-Black racism and posting my findings and feelings on social media.  In doing this, I’ve realized that as much as educating myself and spreading awareness displays my support and care, it doesn’t promote an active or immediate change in the subjects I claim to care about.  

How can we put our money where our mouths are when it comes to challenging Anti-Black racism in our community? Investing in local Black-owned businesses is a start!

Now, I’m a lover of all things beauty! From skincare, to makeup, to matching my outfit with my favourite reusable face mask, investing in quality products that help me put my best face forward is a confidence booster for me, so for today’s post, I decided to spotlight three Canadian Black-owned businesses that will help us do just that! These businesses will offer us a starting place to explore the creative, talented and innovative world of Canadian Black-owned businesses.

  1.       Skincare: @TATIS.SKINCARE

Tati’s skincare is a Pickering Ontario-based skincare business that offers natural and organic skincare products for purchase online and in-studio facial treatments! This company features 100% cruelty-free facial products for both women and men that can be purchased as a line or singularly. 

I’ve personally been loving the Turmeric Brightening Kit, which features a hyperpigmentation scrub and soap bar, a glow moisturizer and oil, and a brightening mask for only $145.

From personal experience, this stuff works.  I’ve always struggled with dry/dull skin and hyperpigmentation (or acne scarring), and since discovering this collection a couple months ago, my scars have visibly lightened, and my skin glows like never before!


(November 2019 vs. October 2020)

For our “Movember” or “No-shave November” beard growers, Tati’s skincare also offers staple beard grooming products just for you! The Argan Beard Oil and AfterShave Cooling Toner will aid in nourishing the skin under your beard, whilst promoting healthier growth and shine (www.TatisSkincare.com). 

For more information on Tati’s Skincare you can visit their Instagram here website here, thank me later 🙂

  1.     Makeup: @MFMGCOSMETICS

MFMG (Makeup for Melanin Girls) Cosmetics was initiated by Toronto model Tomi Gbeleyi after her experience arriving at her first runway gig only to find out that the makeup artist was unprepared to work on a dark-skinned model.  Tomi recounts in the “Our Story” section of her website feeling, “awkward and apologetic” that her skin tone posed a challenge or inconvenience to the team, while the makeup artist rummaged through her kit to find products that might suit her.  This is the all-to-common narrative of many Black people who experience racial exclusion at the institutional level on a daily basis, in fact, 3 in 5 Black Canadians agree that racial discrimination is a problem in their workplaces.

 MFMG is a cosmetic brand featuring a wealth of cruelty-free makeup products dedicated to magnifying the beauty, confidence and priority of makeup lovers with deeper skin tones, centralizing around the notion that dark skin is not an afterthought.  

Their Instagram is overflowing with stunning, inspirational makeup looks from bridal, to casual, to theatrical.


Explore and support Makeup for Melanin Girls Cosmetics at @MFMGCosmetics on Instagram or their website: www.makeupformelaningirls.com.

  1.     Face Masks: @THEPEOPLEMASK

The People’s Mask is another amazing, extremely necessary Black-owned business based in Edmonton, Alberta.  With face masks being mandatory in most public settings, investing in Black-owned face mask companies is a practical and vital way to show your support to beginner Black entrepreneurs and creatives!

The manufacturers over at The People Mask create both comfortable and effective 2 and 3-layer cotton face masks in adult and kids’ sizes, as well as a variety of other health and safety tools such as mask filters, nose wires and overhead straps.

Masks are available in a range of solid colours and shades, as well as the breast cancer campaign, holiday and fashion themed masks. 

Discover your best fit on their Instagram @ThePeopleMask or website: www.thepeoplemask.com

In summary, our support of local Black-owned businesses of any sphere or category, from beauty, to electronics, to food, would actively vocalize our demand for justice; as they say, MONEY TALKS $$!


Resources –  Hashtags and accounts to consider engaging with to find Black-owned businesses on Instagram:






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