Matty’s Patty’s Review

Matty Matheson’s new burger pop up heats up Queen Street

After two sold out weekends, I had the pleasure of visiting Matty’s Patty’s Burger Club last month.

Image Credit: Joe Mastromatteo

Rising to culinary fame via YouTube on channels like Munchies, the jolly Matty Matheson is known for a variety of comfort dishes true to his hometown and Canada as a whole. The chef’s wild personality is also sure to keep his fans entertained. 

After the closure of Matheson’s restaurant Parts & Labour in January 2019, few had been able to experience the chef’s creations. So, when Matheson announced Matty’s Patty’s was coming to Toronto this Fall, local foodies were elated. 

Starting in mid-October, Matty’s Patty’s opened its counter across the street from Trinity Bellwoods Park on west Queen. Matheson had previously operated Matty’s Patty’s all the way over in Hawaii with Pat Tenore

Equipped with limited takeout-only online ordering to maintain social distancing, it was not until Halloween that I was able to book a spot for lunch and make the trip south of Ryerson’s campus. 

Upon arrival, I had high hopes. Each burger combo costs $20, and must be reserved up to a week prior in 15-minute pickup intervals. While I opted for a traditional double smashed burger, Matty also offers single patty options and meat-free alternatives. Each combo serves up a side of fries and a beverage. 

I was pleasantly surprised to join just a small crowd waiting for the 12:30 serving time. After some confusion on how to pick up the burger (you essentially just walk up to the counter when no one else is there), my friends and I finally tried the much-awaited food.

The “Double Patty Cheeseburger w/ Matty's Patty's Sauce” in all its glory. Image Credit: Joe Mastromatteo

There is no denying the quality of Matty Patty’s burgers. The ingredients certainly elevate it beyond fast-food burger joints. The burger itself was similar to what you’d find at Toronto staples like Rudy on College or Holy Chuck near St. Clair. However, Matty’s take has a unique quality resulting from its special sauce and freshness. 

The brown paper bag of food was a beacon of warmth for me as I ate in Trinity Bellwoods. The cool temperature and wind quickly wore away at me though, and I finished eating with numb fingers. Certainly dress warmly or find a safe indoor place to eat if you plan to head down. 

While the quality of the food supported its price tag, the simplicity of the tastes could leave students wanting more. As we move into Toronto winter, and with the ongoing pandemic, I’d suggest considering cooking in the safety of your kitchen. Matheson covered his exact Matty’s Patty’s recipe in his Just a Dash YouTube series linked here.

Now extending hours past weekends, the counter serves up burgers from 12 PM – 9 PM on Thursdays to Sundays. While no end dates for the pop up have been indicated, you can still book a spot and try Matty’s Patty’s yourself. Head over to its Instagram for updates.

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