Quarantine Event Ideas

As an events writer, this time of quarantine poses a unique challenge. Much to the dismay of many birthday-havers and concert-goers, events small and large have been postponed indefinitely. But I think events, especially those that involve interacting with your fellow humans (virtually, of course), are more important than ever.

So let’s take a look at some virtual event alternatives that can help stave the craving for going out.

1) Virtual Game Night

My first suggestion is an event you can easily host in your own home so long as you’ve got an Internet connection – a virtual game night! Just hop on a Zoom or Google Hangout call to gather your friends together. From there, you’ve got some options:

  • Go to PlayingCards.io and share the link for the game you wish to play (they even have a Cards Against Humanity dupe). 
  • Use skribbl.io and create a private room for you and your buds to scribble away.
  • If you own or are able to purchase any of the Jackbox Party packs, you can set up one device facing the screen for remote players.
  • Come up with your own using video chat features! For instance, you could do a Guess Who style game by typing or reading Tweets to your friends and seeing if people could guess the author.

2) Online Workout Party

I’ve been trying to do Zumba with the Sunny Funny Fitness YouTube channel at home, but why not kick it up a notch and make it a party? Workout buddies are awesome – you can keep each other accountable and make things more fun. Get that body moving! You and your besties can take turns being the instructor and coming up with choreography to your favourite songs.

3) Make a Three-Course Meal (or New Recipe)

Why not make dinner (or lunch, or breakfast) an event? Sharing food with your live-in family can be one of the great joys in life. This is a great time to experiment in the kitchen and try some new recipes. Get creative with what’s in your pantry to make small plates that shine.

4) Animal Crossing Events – Nintendo Switch

If you’re lucky enough to own a Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing is the perfect game to settle into in quarantine. April 12th is the last day of Bunny Day, an in-game event that involves collecting eggs to earn special seasonal prizes. Another fantastic idea I spotted on Reddit – invite your friends over to your island and have a live musical chairs contest. Genius.

5) Virtual Movie Night

Movie night is a classic. Here’s a few ways to spruce it up with friends over video chat:

  • Make popcorn at the same time and chow down together
  • Create your own drinking game around a film
  • Binge a franchise with friends over a few nights – consider Harry Potter, LOTR, Twilight
  • Use the chat to count whatever metrics you desire: number of times Ron Weasley says “Bloody hell”, for instance


Here’s to using our tech to connect. Stay safe all.

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