How to Bullet Journal

Wondering what to do in your free time? Start bullet journaling!

My friend Issabella got me this amazing cute journal from Indigo, and that’s how I started bullet journaling and scrapbooking. I used to think that it’s super easy and you can just do it on-the-go, but it’s actually quite fun when you invest some of your free time at home into this!

Here’s what you need to start bullet journaling

  • A journal
  • A nice pen (preferably black ink, fine tip)
  • Optional* cute stickers, washi tape or photos

Your journal can be lined, dotted, or just a blank journal. You can use whichever notebook that you have handy at home! Now that you have a journal, it is the fun part of organizing your ideas and thoughts in an artistic way. 

I organized a chart of different sections, and you can use ideas from the chart to organize the bullet journal and help to get you started.

As well, instead of only using the bullet journal as a checklist of things we have done, I also use it as a diary-like journal as well. I find it as a great place to write down my day to day thoughts and feelings, and then I like flipping through to look back later along with simple scrapbooking of photos. I have some print out photos where I would put in as memories from key events of each month. Get creative with your journal! Try to experiment with different colours, fonts, styles with each page, and personalize it!

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