Best Parks in Toronto for Pick-Up Basketball

Waterfront Neighborhood Centre 

Located at Queens Quay and Bathurst, this is without a doubt the best spot in the city for basketball. The courts are well kept, and there’s overhead lights after dark. The competition here is always fierce, so I wouldn’t recommend getting on the main court without some skills. That being said, there’s plenty of adjacent hoops if you’re just looking to shoot around or take it easy. If not in the basketball mood, you’re right on the waterfront, with bike paths, walkways, and park lands to fulfill any outdoors fix.

Christie Pits Park 

Christie pits park lies at Christie and Bloor, featuring three baseball diamonds, an outdoor pool, playground, and a great basketball court. During the summer months games here are a constant, with at least three going at once. Competition levels vary, but most come to compete. The only downside is there’s not a lot of hoops, so if you come, prepare to play. The age and talent levels range though, so it’s always a pretty comfortable atmosphere. There’s always action at Christie, and the park itself is excellent.

Regent Park Athletic Grounds 

Located just around the corner from Ryerson at Shuter and River, this park was just recently completely remodeled, so the courts here are beautiful. Like, glass backboards and painted court beautiful. I find there’s usually a younger age group here, so the games are always a lot of fun, but low stakes. If you’re looking for some competitive runs, come by in the evening in the summer for some fierce competition. If you’re not there for basketball, the whole park is just as brand new, with a great multipurpose field next to the courts.

Underpass Park 

The excellent basketball courts here are a great excuse to visit underpass park. Located under the Gardiner Expressway down by River Street and King Street, the park features several new and well maintained courts. These courts are usually low stakes, so perfect if you’re a novice player or just looking to shoot around. Besides the basketball, Underpass Park features some beautiful murals, a skatepark, playgrounds and walkways connected to the new Donlands park development. A very interesting place to play.

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