Kojima Productions Teases Their Next Project and Fans Think It’s Silent Hill

Hot on the heels of Death Stranding, Kojima Productions tweeted on February 28th what seems to be a teaser for their next game. Despite the lack of official news, fans across Twitter were in a frenzy speculating that the project could be Silent Hills.

Pictured above is Aki Saito, the head of communications of Kojima Productions, writing on a post-it note. While seemingly a simple photo, the super sleuths of social media have pointed out a bunch of clues that may be nods to Silent Hill.

Perhaps the most obvious reference is the literal use of the word “silent” in the tweet:

Another more obscure clue is found in the Pyramid branded pencil in Saito’s hand, making a cheeky nod towards Silent Hill’s iconic monster, Pyramid Head.

While considered a bit of a stretch, knowing how eccentric and cryptic Kojima is, the clues certainly seemed plausible. However, the post-it note says “Next week!” and given today’s date, we’ve passed the week mark and have no updates. Could it all have just been a coincidence? Given the lack of news, it could have just been the over optimistic projection of excited fans with a penchant for overanalysis. But upon further inspection of the Official Kojima Productions Twitter account, there seem to be too many easter eggs lying about for happenstance. 

On December 23rd of 2019, for example, Kojima published the following tweet: 

Fans were quick to point out the hill displayed on his monitor and connect it to the fact that he was working alone, in a silent office. In addition to that, on November 28th of 2019, Kojima published this tweet, establishing his attempt to ‘awaken his horror soul’:

From what we can tell, Kojima’s been in the horror mood for a while and that seems incredibly promising. Perhaps the biggest clue of all though lies not in the Kojima Productions account or Kojima’s personal account, but in Masahiro Ito’s account. Ito is an artist that had worked on Silent Hill and played a huge role in designing it’s most iconic monsters, and he just so happened to publish this tweet on the same day Kojima Productions teased their next project:

While cryptic and seemingly random, in conjunction with the other clues Kojima has dropped, it seems very likely something related to Silent Hill is brewing at the studio. The only bumper in the return of Silent Hill is the fact that Konami (the studio Kojima had left before creating his own) still owns the rights to the franchise. Fans are left torn between believing the clues to be substantial evidence for a sequel to the beloved series and not getting their hopes up due to the ownership issues. Regardless, Kojima and the team are definitely going to be releasing something big and it should be exciting to see what happens!

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