Sweat in the 6ix!

There’s a new fitness club in town! And it’s a mighty 5-minute walk from the Ryerson campus. 


Meet Sweat and Tonic. 


This new Toronto original fitness and wellness club just opened up this past Fall of 2019. Located on the corner of Yonge and Shuter, it’s conveniently in the heart of downtown. I know what you’re thinking. Another overpriced, high end fitness club that Toronto already has enough of. But let me tell you. This one is definitely not to miss. It’s different, unique, and chic! You can sweat and drink in the same place. That’s right, read that again. I myself ventured out and had an incredible experience trying it out for the first time after one of my classes on campus. I had a great workout and an even better refreshing cocktail afterwards.

First of all, it’s aesthetic is absolutely stunning. It’s a 3-story building with impressive features throughout. And the name speaks for itself, literally. You can go in for an amazing workout and then head down to the bar for a drink. That’s right, a bar!

On the main floor you’ll find nutbar, an amazing superfood cafe. You’ll also find the bar where you can get any type of cocktail or mocktail imaginable. The building was actually Toronto’s first ever cocktail bar that opened in 1947. There are still several preserved building aspects that stand inside from the original bar. The menacing HIIT studio is on the ground floor as well, along with the spin studio in the lower level.


Moving up to the top floors, there are luxurious changerooms, the yoga studio, spa, infrared saunas, meditation pods, and the Tonic House. The Tonic House is a coworking and event space, great for relaxing, working, and catching up with friends (with great wifi I might add)!

Sweat and Tonic offers a variety of different classes. You can choose between yoga, HIIT (high intensity interval training), or spin. They have a class for everyone, no matter what your fitness level. All of their classes are rated by “intensity and sweat level,” so you can choose accordingly! They also have express 30-minute classes around the lunch hour, which are perfect for busy schedules.

I myself chose to do the 3D class in the HIIT studio. I’ve done many HIIT classes before, and I can honestly say that this one was one of my favourites that I’ve ever participated in. The class dynamic was extremely welcoming and comfortable. The instructor was high-energy and completely engaging to every individual in the class. The room was dark with motivating music and dynamic lights, which I loved. It incorporated running, boxing, and weight lifting. If you love a good HIIT class, then this is definitely the one for you. I was also recommended to try out the slow burn HIIT, and booty HIIT. But you really can’t go wrong with any class that you choose!

Following my amazing workout, I headed down to the nutbar for a well deserved refuel. Their menu is incredible. You can get delicious smoothies, salads, toasts, treats, add any type of superfoods imaginable to any dish or drink. They’re also well accommodating to all food and diet requirements/substitutes. I got the ultimate recovery smoothie and finished off with a coffee and cookie dough fat bomb. I will definitely be back to try the rest of the menu!


It was then time to hit the bar. One of the best parts in my opinion. Cocktails and mocktails with surprising health benefits!


They have an engaging and easy to use website that you can check out here. That’s where you can find more information about purchasing class passes and memberships.


I’d HIGHLY recommend checking this historic fitness club out. Whether it’s for a workout, a snack, or a drink. It has everything and everyone is welcome! It’s by far one of the most amazing, luxurious fitness clubs that I’ve ever been to. 


So get out of your comfort zone, grab some friends, and head to Sweat and Tonic after class for an amazing workout, refuel, and drink!





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