Bottled Feelings

I know it, you know it, and Candadian artist Doris Wai knows it too – we all bottle up our feelings. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident, but more importantly these feelings need to get out at some point. Getting stressed about academics, family, relationships, and just life in general is so common, especially around midterm season. The latest art exhibition at the Urban Gallery by calligrapher Doris Wai is one to visit, to get all those bottled up feelings out, literally. 


“Bottled Feelings” is Wai’s first solo exhibit and you have until February 29th to check it out. Oh, and did I mention it’s free? Doris Wai is known for her passion and skill for lettering. Since last July, Wai has been accepting anonymous submissions from those who want to share some of their deepest thoughts with her. Online submissions poured in from around the world and with them, Wai began to handwrite messages onto bottles. She combines her passion: lettering, with the heavy symbolism behind painting delicate feelings on glass bottles, to produce her first exhibit. She describes the submissions as, “…secrets often too difficult to share,” only further heightening her reasoning as to why she began this project. To encourage open discussions about mental health and the importance of communicating these feelings we hold within us.


Better yet, each bottle is accompanied by a code that upon scanning, will direct you to the story behind the calligraphy. This concept is so unique and the messages shared through the bottles Wai paints are very effective in communicating that we all feel down about many aspects in life. This exhibit may not seem like much, but is truly worth a visit.


Check out Doris Wai’s website here and the Urban Gallery’s website here to keep up to date with upcoming Canadian exhibits that you can visit…free of charge! 

Gallery Hours:


Monday to Wednesday, 12pm to 5pm

Thursday to Saturday, 12pm to 8pm

Sunday, CLOSED

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