The Newest Spot for Middle Eastern Takeout on Campus

Dr. Laffa has just recently opened on the corner of Church and Gerrard. It’s a kosher, Middle Eastern style takeout place, and once you get past the extremely unsettling logo design, it’s a pleasant little restaurant with a fairly extensive menu. Prices range from $8 to as much as $25 for their plates, and the portions are sizeable. 


You can get a wide variety of salads, dipping plates with hummus or baba ganoush, large plates of meat and sides, and wraps made with pita or laffa. 


I tried the chicken shawarma, which is $10.99 for a pita and $13.99 for laffa. I highly recommend the laffa, since it’s baked fresh when you order. It’s also absolutely massive and very filling, so unless you have a huge appetite, plan to make at least two meals out of it, or bring a friend to share it with. 


The toppings are slightly different from what you’d find in a typical shawarma chain, including options like roasted eggplant and carrot, and there’s also a wider assortment of sauces, so don’t expect the wrap to taste like something from Pita Land. But the flavours work great together and the meal was tasty and satisfying. 


Don’t let the unfortunate graphic design scare you off. Dr. Laffa is a good place for wholesome, comforting and good value Middle Eastern food. 

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