Nintendo’s New Horizons Switch and the Dreaded 1 Island Rule

Animal Crossing fans have been freaking out this week since Nintendo announced the New Horizons special edition Switch for the game! Sporting an updated paint job and adorable Animal Crossing graphics, the new console is as cute as it gets and is already a contender for the best Valentines gift you can get your paws on. The new console features:

  • Pastel green and blue JoyCons with white on the rails and backs, along with matching straps
  • A precious painting of Tom Nook and his kids on an island, holding an Animal Crossing flag 
  • A white dock as opposed to the Switch’s normal, black dock
  • Little Animal Crossing graphics etched onto the back, such as animals, waves, and sailboats
  • An upgraded CPU that improves battery life
  • A copy of the game itself!

In addition, you can purchase Animal Crossing accessories with your New Horizons Switch like the Aloha carrying case and screen protector. With all of these features, the new console seems like a dream come true! However, there is one caveat that has gamers everywhere devastated.

Unfortunately, only one island is allowed per Nintendo Switch. This means that despite having multiple accounts or buying multiple copies of the game, fans can only occupy a new island if they buy a whole new Switch, meaning they’ll have to pay another $300 just for the sake of playing on another island. If you were to try inserting your cartridge into another Switch, it would just save a new file. Most active players of Animal Crossing have grown accustomed to owning and operating multiple towns, so it was assumed that they would be able to do the same with the islands. However, there are no ways to work around the 1 island per Switch rule and people are justifiably upset at the sudden change.

Regardless, the New Horizons Switch still makes for a banging gift if you can take it with that grain of salt! Amazon has just opened up pre-orders for the console, so fill your carts while you can!

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