Sucker – The Jonas Brothers Come Back

The very popular 2005 band, The Jonas Brothers, had broken up back in 2013 and many fans were devastated.  Brothers, Nick and Joe had mutually decided that they wanted to see what they could do by going solo, and Kevin decided that he wanted to take a break to focus on his wife and the baby that they had on the way.

Both, Nick and Joe ended up being very successful in their solo careers.  Nick sang solo and released songs like “Jealous”, “Chains”, and “Close”, meanwhile Joe formed a band that went by the name DNCE, who released songs like “Cake by the Ocean”, “Toothbrush”, and “Kissing Strangers”.  Kevin went on to have another baby with his wife and is living a good life with them all.

On February 28th, 2019, the Jonas Brothers took all of their fans by surprise by releasing an album cover photo and a teaser video with Late Night talk show host, James Corden, in the infamous Carpool Karaoke car. 

The video with James starts with Joe, who then invites Nick, who then invites Kevin.  Once they’re all in the car with James, they all look straight into the camera and say “We’re Back!”, revealing to their fans that they have made the decision to get back together as a band.

The Jonas Brothers made an Instagram account (@jonasbrothers) and only began posting content on it as of February 28th.  The content that they posted revealed that they were releasing a single in a day’s time.

On March 1st at midnight, they released their single called “Sucker” along with a music video.  All three brothers and their wives/fiancee are part of the music video, which also makes it evident that the song was written for them.

The people that grew up listening to the Jonas Brothers and watching them on Television are very excited about this and are experiencing very nostalgic feelings.

The Jonas Brothers have revealed that they have been in the studio writing music and are very excited to finally be able to talk about it and release what they’ve been working on.

Post by: Beatriz Pardel Costa

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