2019 Oscars Predictions and Controversies

2019 Oscars Predictions and Controversies

Another year of film has come and gone and if you have been paying close attention on social media, the lead up to the Oscars has been a rollercoaster. First it was Kevin Hart dropping out of the job of the host due to past homophobic comments that upset a lot of people. Next the possible introduction of the category of most popular film, offended some people because it seemed like the Academy was not taking some films seriously. Then the Academy decided they would not air the winners of important categories such as Cinematography. Although the Academy has gone back on that decision.

Now after exhaustingly viewing a lot of the contenders this year by avoiding my school work and gathering opinions earlier on this year at the Toronto International Film Festival, I have decided what will win and what I want to win. I must be honest it was hard for me for two reasons: 1. The films this year seemed lackluster to me and 2. I have my pride to look after. So, if your workplace is doing an Oscars pool or if you just want to gloat to your friends about how many winners you got right, let these predictions be your guide. I will only brush upon the major categories as I don’t have pages to discuss nominations and I have midterms. Also, these are my opinions based on research and statistics, and personal preferences.

Who will probably win = yellow  Who should win = blue   Should and will win = green. 


The Academy Awards are on February 24th, Saturday. The red carpet starts at 7pm EST and the ceremony begins 8pm EST.

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