thank u, next.

It has been no secret that Ariana Grande and her ex-fiance, Pete Davidson,  very recently decided to call their relationship and engagement off.  As per usual, the media took things out of context, assuming that things ended on a bad note between the couple.  Of course, no media source failed to mention that she is known to be in relationships that don’t last and are rushed into.  Ariana decided to take things into her own hands. 

Ariana surprised all of her fans when she released the single “thank u, next” on November 2.  This took her fans by surprise because she had just recently released an album called “sweetener”.  So many people have been talking about this single ultimately because of its bluntness. 

In the first verse, Ariana mentions the names of every single one of her exes, and instead of bashing them, she thanked them.  This song has often been referred to as an “anthem”, meaning that people should consider practicing what the song preaches. 

Through the lyrics, Ariana conveys to her listeners that it is not worth being bitter towards the people you’ve had to cut off from your life.  These people serve as lessons and contribute to your happiness at the end of the day.  Through the music, the listeners are influenced to be happy and carefree, which enforces the lesson of letting things go and simply being glad that they happened.  We learn through our failures and hardships, and these things are required to reach ultimate happiness in life, so we may as well be grateful for them!




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