A Star Is Born, Review

Since I saw the advertisement for the film, A Star is Born, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, I was absolutely dying to watch it.  I am a fan of Bradley Cooper and have always been a fan of Lady Gaga because of her outstanding vocals and originality.  I must say that after watching this film, I have an even greater respect for the two.

Their vocal performances and acting were phenomenal.  Their presence on screen was so captivating, it was easy to tell that every single person in the theatre felt like they took part in the story.  People laughed, got frustrated, and most definitely cried.

Without spoiling anything, the movie is about a famous rock artist, Jackson Maine, who meets a woman named Ally, while she is singing in a drag bar.  He is blown away by her singing voice, approaches her, and from that point, on, their journey of love begins.  Jackson helps Ally expose herself as an artist and she gradually becomes a huge star.  This film has numerous different aspects and themes to it, and you truly need to go through the journey of the film, yourself, to understand this.

The music was impossible to stop listening to, especially after learning the characters’ stories. The feelings experienced through every single song on the album are indescribable.  My favourites are “Is That Alright?” and “Shallow”.

Because there are so many different themes and lessons incorporated in A Star is Born, I recommend that everybody go watch it.  No matter what your taste in movies or music is, you will leave the theatre inspired in so many different ways, and I can almost guarantee that.  I must say, watching this movie in an actual movie theatre is much more effective than watching it on any other platform – this film was made to be watched in a theatre and is so much more effective this way.


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