The Top 10 Christmas Sitcom Specials

Ten Sitcom Christmas Specials

Christmas time starts early in the city. If you’re like me and started listening to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album on November 1st, there can never be enough holiday cheer. However, there’s not a lot of time to celebrate for students in the middle of exams. So, instead of spending too much time watching Christmas movies, here’s a list of some great Christmas specials from the sitcoms we love.


Friends, Season 2, Episode 9: “The One With Phoebe’s Dad.”

The Office, Season 5, Episode 11: “Moroccan Christmas.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 3, Episode 10: “Yippie Kayak.”

How I Met Your Mother, Season 7, Episode 12: “Symphony of Illumination.”

That 70’s Show, Season 4, Episode 12: “An Eric Forman Christmas.”

Bob’s Burgers, Season 3, Episode 9: “God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins.”

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Season 1, Episode 15: “Deck the Halls.”

Parks and Recreation, Season 2, Episode 12: “Christmas Scandal.”

Community, Season 2, Episode 11: “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas.”

Modern Family, Season 1, Episode 10: “Undeck the Halls.”

This list is in no particular order and there are many more amazing holiday episodes. Although, these specials sure do a great job of getting us excited for the best time of the year.

Merry Christmas and good luck with exams!

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Brooklyn Harker

Music Industry’s Influence on Politics

“Governments can take kids away from their parents, but can’t take guns away from kids.”

    The above tagline was used in the video description for Black Eyed Peas’ recent music video, Big Love. It encompasses how gun crime is increasing and encourages viewers to “speak up for those who can’t”. The music video includes a disclaimer for viewer discretion seeing as the emotional intensity is quite overwhelming as it has been shot at universal locations such as a high school locker room, a science laboratory, gymnasium, courtyard and shows the shooters coming in from the perspective of the attending students. Black Eyed Peas have stated in their website with the same name, that “we have been blessed with art and influence as our tools; join us to create change.” The website also allows users to donate to organizations such as March for Our Lives which is fighting “for stricter gun laws” and Families Belong Together which is taking action to help children separated from their families at the U.S. border.
   The annual number of gun crime deaths has increased to 250,000 in 2016 compared to 209,000 in 1990. In the United States alone, that number has increased by 1,400 more deaths annually in the span of 26 years. More people die from gun crime than military conflicts and terrorist attacks combined. The shootings most often occur amongst in high school, university or nightclub settings along with the accidental ‘family fire’ shootings phenomenon. By May 2018, there had already been 18 shootings in the United States. Furthermore, it is estimated that 8 children die from accidents from using guns stored at their homes.
 Black Eyed Peas have been known to have political and global meaning behind their songs as they have previously done in Where Is The Love? What makes this music video more powerful than a political campaign stating that the public should take actionto solve the issue, is the lyrics saying “all that we have / all that we’re made of / is big, big love”. This makes the listeners acknowledge the positivity that already exists in their lives and encourages that we nourish it rather than focus our energy on shunning

current political leaders and their methods.
   Their creative choice of having 3 singers portrayed as the source of ‘good’ seeing as played a school teacher that had been shot himself but still helps another injured student; Taboo played a gym coach that asks the shooter to “please stand by” and thus, gets shot first. plays a police officer that intervenes the school shooting and delivers the lyric “nothing’s ever over, we believe in second chances” to the teen shooter. This makes the song so much more powerful seeing as it directly addresses viewers that may have committed similar crimes in the past or plan to do so.
  Musicians have begun using their social media accounts as a platform to voice their thoughts and encourage their followers of all ages and races to become responsible citizens. This is crucial especially in this day and age where crimes are at their peak and thus, even something recreative such as listening to music should be used to urge the public to become part of positive

change. Even going around humming the catchy and repetitive chorus “all we have and all that we’re made of is big, big love” is a step towards
realizing that there is positivity in the world, we just have to nurture it.
Here is a link to the video if you want to check it out:
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Christmas Festivities Arrive Early in Toronto

Who says you have to wait for Christmas to start the holiday festivities?

With the annual Toronto Christmas Market in the city, Christmas is just a few blocks away from the Ryerson campus.

Dates: November 15 th , 2018 – December 23 rd , 2018 Location: Distillery District
Admission: Weekdays until Fridays at 5 pm are free Times: Mon-Thurs (12 pm – 5 pm)
Tickets: Weekends/Fridays from 5 pm mean a $6 Fri (12 pm – 10 pm)
Ticket fee Sat (10 am -10 pm)
Sun (10 am – 9 pm)
About the Market:
This non-profit event schedules daily activities and entertainment suitable for all ages in order to support organizations like “The Daily Bread Food Bank” and the “Santa Claus Fund”. What is even better is that admissions during weekdays up until Friday at 5 pm is free of cost to the general public. They also put lots of effort into both decorating and planning these events in order to promote inexpensive ways to make some cherishable memories with loved ones.
Entertainment and Activites:
Experience different cultures with various music and dances from featured/growing artists and performers. There is also a wide range of activities from carolling and storytelling for children as well as rides like the carousel and ferris wheel to enjoy for the entire family.
Create lasting memories by photographing your time around attractions such as the 50 ft tall Christmas tree and “The Heart of Christmas” sculpture made by Studio Rosenblatt. Make sure to also take a glimpse around you for lighting installations and décor which add to the atmosphere of a real-life winter wonderland. Otherwise, I advise you to bring some warm clothes and be willing to make some long- lasting memories with friends and family. Hope you have a happy holiday Ryersonians!
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Surabiha Muraleedaran
Photo credits go to the Toronto Christmas Market

Best Bubble Tea Spots Near Campus

I know it’s chilly out and winter is quickly approaching, but that doesn’t mean the cold should hold you back from fulfilling your bubble tea cravings.

Here are the top five closest spots that serve bubble tea, but also other Asian styled drinks that you need to try! These places aren’t in any particular order, but I will begin with the most popular.

Real Fruit Bubble Tea

Real Fruit Bubble Tea is a franchise, the closest store recently opened inside the Eaton Centre right outside the Dundas Station entrance. They’re open every day from 10:00AM and are most known for their smoothies and slushies because they blend real fruits. My go to drink is the mango pineapple slush with lychee jelly. I’d also recommend the strawberry banana smoothie and yes, for an extra dollar they even add protein! A medium size in both drinks is $6.49, with toppings like lychee jelly or tapioca being an extra $0.50. My only complaint would be that sometimes they make the drinks a little bit watery at this location.







Chatime located at 132 Dundss Street West is a bit further from campus than some of the other options, but is worth the walk. My go to drink here is the large brown rice green milk tea for $6.40, with grass jelly that is an additional $0.50. Another great option is the QQ Taiwan Mango juice, which comes with tapioca pearls and coconut jelly, all for $6.40 in a large. Chatime opens at 11:00AM and is most known for their milk teas. Become a royalty rewards member (for free!) and get their tea of the month for a cheaper price and earn points towards free drinks! The only downside is sometimes the line gets extremely long.






CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is a short distance from the SLC. They open at 11:30AM and are located at 372 Yonge Street. One of my favourite drinks here, before they added pulp to it, is the Bubble Gaga. This is a passionfruit tea with tapioca and coconut jelly, for $5.20 in a large. If you’re a fan of the Netflix hit To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, then you have to try the Mango or Green Tea Yakult drink! The yogurt drink they mention in the movie is mixed in and it is a great combination. They only offer it in a large size for $5.70 and I would recommend adding tapioca to the order for an extra $0.50. CoCo does their fruit drinks and milk tea very well.






Yang Teashop

Yang Teashop just opened up at 183 Dundas Street West and people are loving their milk tea. One thing that is really great about this place is their milk tea taste more like tea than just milk like other shops. I got the medium size Yang Iced Tea Latte for $5.50. Although my drink was enjoyable, the common complaint is that they are not sweet enough, so I wouldn’t recommend requesting less sugar. Since tea is in the name of the store, they clearly specialize in their tea based drinks, over slush, but it’s still worth a try! The downside is the shop is tiny and they only had two staff working, so it took a while to get through the line.






The Tika Tea House

Tika Tea House is the furthest place on this list, at 675 Yonge Street, but if you’re into fruit based drinks and feeling healthy while treating yourself, this is the place for you. They open at 11:30 and have a spacious interior with tables that are perfect for studying. The first time I came here, I got the signature fruit tea for $6.79, which includes a mix of chopped up fruits like watermelon, grapefruit, and lemon. Best part, they give you a fork so you can snack on the fruit after you’re done with your tea. I would definitely recommend the Golden Pineapple drink too, for $5.99, the texture and flavour are great.





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Paolina Loseto

Vegan Eats Around Ryerson

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, I know you feel the struggle of finding good food options when you go out. Maybe you just want to try vegan food- food that’s more environmentally friendly and healthy! While the population of vegans and vegetarians is growing, and many more restaurants are popping up in the city we call home, it can still be hard to find accommodations.

If you’re searching for somewhere to try that’s relatively close to Ryerson, here are some of my favourites!

Salad King

340 Yonge Street

Right across the street from the SLC, this spot couldn’t be more convenient. They have lots of seating space for many Ryerson students who also get 20% off Monday to Friday from 2-5pm. Lots of great vegan and vegetarian options for students on a budget!

Urban Herbivore

220 Yonge Street

Take a quick walk to the Eaton Centre food court, and hopefully you won’t have to wait in too long of a line! Finish off your vegan meal with one of their very sweet vegan cupcakes.


355 Yonge Street

Ginger is famous for their Vietnamese food- not usually associated with being vegan or vegetarian! They have options that you’ll love to try. Super close to the SLC.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

323 Yonge Street #114

There’s a reason Chipotle is so popular! Easily customizable bowls, burritos, and tacos that can easily be made vegan or vegetarian in a pinch for a quick and filling meal.

Blaze Pizza

10 Dundas Street East #124

Any vegan or vegetarian craving fired pizza can get their fix here. Their regular and gluten-free doughs are vegan, and they also offer vegan cheese. A quick step out on to Dundas Street to build your own pizza.

Planta Burger

4 Temperance Street

From the minds of famous vegan restaurant Planta, comes Planta Burger! One of the best places for a great vegan burger and milkshake. Take a nice walk down Yonge street to get there or through the Eaton Centre to stay warm!

Hopefully you’re motivated to go out and try one of these restaurants- even if you aren’t vegan! Enjoy!


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Nicolina Moscati