The 2021 Academy Awards are right around the block. While this has been an unprecedented year for the film industry, there have been many great movies released – some of which have been recognized in the Best Picture category.  I really enjoyed watching all of these movies as this lineup is
Awards season is always my favourite time of the year. However this year is a little bit different. 2020 was a different year for the film industry as film releases and productions were pushed back. However, some films managed to make an impact in 2020, through online film festivals and
Before I get into it, I want to make one thing very clear — it was very difficult for me to compile a list for the purpose of this blog. I have been captivated by music and their accompanying videos since I was a kid and there is just no
As the weather is getting warmer and the semester is drawing to a close, the need for some fresh air is becoming more frequent every day. There are so many amazing places in Toronto to get outside and explore, but one prominent location is the shores of Lake Ontario.  We are
As someone who is a part of the Asian community and enjoys the different Asian cultures, it has been a tough time knowing that people are so cruel in this world. It has also been tough knowing that the celebrities I often turn to have been struggling, but still put

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