A Mistle-toast to the Holiday Season

Happy Almost Holiday !! 😀 Look at that, who would’ve thought…. We made it to the end of a semester 😮 So in honour of those who may not be able to go home this holiday (we’re on the same boat :/)  or just want some random activities to do

“Rally For Restaurants” this Holiday Season

Photo by Dan Gold via Unsplash With dining in at restaurants not happening in the near future and COVID-19 cases rising, your favourite local restaurants need your support now more than ever. There are many initiatives going on right now in Toronto that aim to help restaurants stay afloat as

How to Stay Active During Quarantine

We are all in a tough situation. Most days, we sit in front of a computer, eat our meals, and sleep. It makes it hard to find time for ourselves and our own wellbeing. A good way to keep up with our health is to move our bodies somehow! Some

Surviving the Distance

“Some people say home is where you come from. But I think it’s a place you need to find, like it’s scattered and you pick pieces of it up along the way.” – Katie Kaevinsky Home by Sarah Fouad (Medium: acrylic - Instagram: @s_fouads.art) I am a Third Culture Kid,

News In the Vegan World

So, I’m vegan. I have been for over 3 years actually! And it’s a huge part of my life. But it can also be sometimes problematic in my life too. It is sometimes hard to find vegan options when I’m out at restaurants with my friends or family who aren’t