4 Films That Are About The ✨ Vibes✨

Posted by Nicolina Moscati on  April 20, 2021
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So we’ve all watched movies that are action packed, fast paced, and move from one scene to the next at breakneck speed. Who hasn’t? The Avengers, Fast and Furious, Knives Out, and Tenet are just a few that require your attention, moving from point A to B to C without a moment to lose. There’s a lot to love about films that have you glued to your seat, even if you have to go to the bathroom really badly. But recently, I’ve started getting into films that slow you down, films that sometimes meander and wander aimlessly. These movies aren’t about

5 Restaurants on Ryerson Campus You Need to Visit

Posted by Paolina Loseto on  April 19, 2021
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[Image Credit: @ryerson_u ] It’s safe to say that not spending time on campus at Ryerson this year has left many restaurants nearby that rely on foot traffic from students and nearby offices to thrive, in need of support. So many great spots shutdown this year, but many opened as well!  If you find yourself downtown looking for a spot to grab a quick bite to eat, here are 5 of my favourite restaurants near Ryerson that you need to visit: 1. Canaima Cafe View this post on Instagram A post shared by Canaima Cafe (@canaimacafe.inc) This new spot just opened

Jesus of Suburbia: A Metaphor for the Five Stages of Grief?

Posted by Nicholas Cannito on  April 18, 2021
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Dearly beloved, are you listening? Green Day’s 2004 rock opera Jesus of Suburbia is an explosive and cathartic nine minutes of pure punk rock angst and killer guitar riffs. Composed of 5 separate parts that all come together to tell a cohesive story, Jesus of Suburbia is about a scrappy kid trying to escape the trappings of suburban life and flee to the city. Coincidentally, I’m a scrappy kid trying to escape the trappings of suburban life and flee to the city! I’ve been listening to it a whole lot more recently. On my latest re-listen, I noticed that each

5 Highly Underrated Broadway Musicals That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Posted by Jennifer Enchin on  April 17, 2021
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If you know me, you also know that I am a huge lover of musicals and if you ever see me with my headphones in, chances are I’m playing a Rodgers and Hammerstein album or a newly-released Broadway recording. Through the hundreds of hours I’ve spent listening to showtunes, I’ve discovered some incredible shows that, in my opinion, don’t get nearly enough attention as they should. Here are 5 little-known musicals that are truly works of art.  1. Little Me Image credit: theatermania.com I’m a huge fan of musical comedies and this show, which was first performed in 1962 with

Top 5 Most Sing-able Disney Songs

Posted by Crystal Wong on  April 16, 2021
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As a part 2 from my previous article “Top 5 Most Rewatchable Disney Movies,”  I will now list the top 5 most whole chest-ing-ly, sing-able Disney songs. Once again, this is based on my personal favourite songs and what I like to sing at the top of my lungs; pretending that I can actually sing. This list will look into the Disney princess songs rather than Disney as a whole, and I have decided to not mention any of the songs from Tarzan (as stated in the previous article, ALL the songs are insanely wonderful and I can’t choose!). 5.

Instagram Captions for Spring!

Posted by Joy Grant-Khan on  April 15, 2021
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Hey Fashionistas As spring is upon us, the days are getting longer and I don’t know about you, but my mood is getting much better with all the sunshine and warmer weather! We can finally get outside and stunt for the gram like we used to, so today I wanted to prepare you with some spring-forward Instagram captions for your photos, having always struggled with deciding on a caption, I hope these cute and clever ones will be helpful! Now, we all know that the beginning of spring tends to be a very stressful time for us students as the semester wraps up,

Understanding Your Mental Health

Posted by Reem Al Sharif on  April 14, 2021
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View this post on Instagram A post shared by The Good Advice Cupcake (@thegoodadvicecupcake) Have you ever stayed up until ungodly hours of night because your brain was being mean to you? Gotten super lethargic for no apparent reason? Or struggled to get out of bed or even shower and felt like something was horribly wrong, when nothing necessarily was? Firstly, nothing is wrong with you, and you’re definitely not alone. You could just be experiencing low mental health or symptoms of mental illness. What is mental health and mental illness?  In the same way everyone has their health to

The Individual Pandemic Experience

Posted by Katelyn Gow on  April 13, 2021
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This past year has been unconventional to say the least, and as Ontario moves into yet another shutdown I couldn’t help but think about all the different stages of lockdown we have been moving through over the past few months. When thinking about how we have moved between lockdowns, zones, and different restrictions, I was interested to hear what other people in different areas have experienced. So, I reached out to Ryerson students with a few questions regarding the topic, and here are some of the responses I got.  I started out by asking where, geographically, students were when the lockdown

Shooting a Photo Project with Vintage Polaroids

Posted by Joe Mastromatteo on  April 12, 2021
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Up until this current semester, I had yet to ever take a photography class.  Since January, I’ve been completing NPF 568 – Analogue as Meaning. I’m lucky to have some talented classmates and a very knowledgeable professor. Any RTA folks with a deeper interest in film should consider taking it as an open elective, especially once we return to campus. Our final project, due in a few days as I write this, is to take a series of photos on instant film. With almost all of my images ready, I’m happy to walk you through my experience capturing the series. I’ll warn

Ranking the 2021 Oscars Best Picture Nominees

Posted by Jhasna Rivas Vasquez on  April 11, 2021
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The 2021 Academy Awards are right around the block. While this has been an unprecedented year for the film industry, there have been many great movies released – some of which have been recognized in the Best Picture category.  I really enjoyed watching all of these movies as this lineup is loaded with many great, unique films. It was difficult to pit them against one another, but I tried my best!  Here is my ranking of all of the Best Picture nominees from worst to best: 8. Trial of the Chicago 7 Directed by Aaron Sorkin Image Credit: Marie Claire Based on

2021 Oscars Predictions

Posted by Jessi Law on  April 10, 2021
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Awards season is always my favourite time of the year. However this year is a little bit different. 2020 was a different year for the film industry as film releases and productions were pushed back. However, some films managed to make an impact in 2020, through online film festivals and on demand releases. Award season certainly looks different this year as the biggest night is almost here: The Oscars. Usually the Oscars are held around February, but of course the pandemic has changed that. I remember the euphoria of last year when Bong Joon Ho and Parasite won three Oscars

Visually Appealing Music Videos

Posted by Beatriz Pardal Costa on  April 9, 2021
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Before I get into it, I want to make one thing very clear — it was very difficult for me to compile a list for the purpose of this blog. I have been captivated by music and their accompanying videos since I was a kid and there is just no way I could choose “the best” or “my top five”. I just really appreciate the visuals and production of the following five videos and think anybody reading would enjoy them as well! The first one that came to mind and had always stuck in my memory was “The One Moment”

The Best Locations Along Toronto’s Waterfront

Posted by Allegra Smith-Herriott on  April 8, 2021
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As the weather is getting warmer and the semester is drawing to a close, the need for some fresh air is becoming more frequent every day. There are so many amazing places in Toronto to get outside and explore, but one prominent location is the shores of Lake Ontario.  We are very fortunate to live in a city with a beautiful waterfront that spans over 100 kilometres. Throughout the vast stretch of shoreline there are many unique and outstanding places that should be on every Torontonian’s bucket list to visit this season.  Here are some of the top locations along Toronto’s Waterfront.

Asian Discrimination Within the Music Industry

Posted by Brenessa Roach on  April 7, 2021
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As someone who is a part of the Asian community and enjoys the different Asian cultures, it has been a tough time knowing that people are so cruel in this world. It has also been tough knowing that the celebrities I often turn to have been struggling, but still put on a happy face to make their fans smile. So for today’s post, I really wanted to talk about how Asian artists in the music industry have shared their story and spoken up about the #StopAsianHate movement. Image Credit: @brenessa_design on Instagram Asians have always had to deal with this

If You Liked… – Album Recommendations Based on Your Favourite Albums

Posted by Jocelyn Au-Yeung on  April 6, 2021
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Searching for good music can be hard, especially as a student. Though it’s easier now more than ever with Spotify’s curated playlist culture, it can still be difficult. We’re busy, calendar filled to the brim with deadlines. Spending our time searching for music and figuring out whether we like it or not is not exactly the best use of time. Sometimes we’re not sure if this one song in a playlist will actually lead to anything good. Thankfully, I’ve done the work for you today! I’ve compiled a list of popular albums from the past couple of years or so and