Wong Kar Wai. A director who is a pivotal figure in filmmaking and Hong Kong Cinema. He’s known for beautiful bold cinematography, mixed in with thematic atmospheric music in a non-linear narrative. He’s one of the most influential directors domestically and internationally in the golden age of New Wave cinema
Endlessly scrolling on TikTok for hours resulted in my head being a radio where I just had a bunch of songs stuck in my head on rotation. Personally, there are a lot of songs that were too cringey or too much for me on TikTok but there are a few
Image credit: Allegra Smith-Herriott As a 22 year old university student living alone, in the midst of a pandemic, life was increasingly getting harder and harder as time went on. So to cope, I decided to get my very own puppy. For the majority of my life I’ve had a family

Previewing an All-Canadian Division in the NHL

Image Credit: "Canadian Tire Center" by caribb is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 The 2020-2021 season is almost here, yet there is still much we don’t know. One of the most highly anticipated decisions is one regarding Canada. With the Covid-19 pandemic limiting travel, there has been plenty of talk

Taskmaster – Your New Favourite and Ridiculous Game Show

Left to right: Taskmaster Greg Davies, Alex Horne (Image credit: Avalon) About a year ago while drowning in the pressures of school, I fell down a very deep hole of watching British comedy panel shows on YouTube. Yes, that is a hyper-specific genre to get into, but believe me when

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