Last week, Toronto Life named Masai Ujiri, the Toronto Raptors President of Basketball Operations the city’s Most Influential Person. Although I was personally thrilled about this decision, a quick social media search proved that the primary reaction for many Torontonians was simply “Who?”. After an initial wave of surprise, I
There’s something about pizza that makes it special. It’s comforting and delicious, and there’s something innately social about the entire endeavour. And after working in a pizza shop for five months, it’s something I am intimately familiar with.  When searching for pizza on campus, most people head to Blaze Pizza, located
Caroline Polachek has been in the industry for a while. Forming in 2005, her former band, Chairlift, found success through their blend of art pop, glittering synths, and indie sentiments. With the band breaking up in 2017, Polachek is now continuing with that same blend, but on her own terms. With
Black Friday has just come right around the corner! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for your loved ones, here are some great deals with one of Canada’s top retail stores that are offering special deals and discounts for you to stay updated with the latest fashion trends and styles
Steam Ever since its release on November 8th, it’s become virtually impossible to explore the gaming sphere without hearing about Hideo Kojima’s widely anticipated Death Stranding. Highly regarded as one of the most acclaimed video game designers in the industry for his Metal Gear Solid series, Kojima is known for