As I promised, this week’s article will be about STARTING A STICKER STORE!! Woohoooo!! I’ve considered starting my own little shop for a while now so I am really thankful that Brenessa Roach was able to answer a few questions for me 😀 I hope this helps you guys out
Writing a screenplay is not easy, but these famous writers have figured out some cool ways to up their writing game and create amazing work. Here are some of their strangest secrets to success: 1. Greta Gerwig only outlines when she’s stuck Image credit: Greta says: “I don’t outline.
Hey Naturalistas! When I think of the concept of “natural” or “organic”, I initially consider it in connection to food, but to confirm my thought, I decided to ask my Instagram followers: Turns out, the majority of them also attribute the terms with food! But lately I’ve been challenging myself to consider
Last weekend, I had the pleasure of virtually attending the TIFF Next Wave film festival. Along with my peers under the age of 25, I got to see a bunch of movies and attend workshops for free. Ryerson was well represented at the festival, including a short film by RTA’s very
As a media student here at Ryerson, I have always been interested to hear when there are new films shooting in and around Toronto. It is always exciting to hear when a big film or TV series has come to our city to film, fueling the industry and providing opportunity

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