Hill House, Review


This year, avid fans of Strangers Things, like myself was disappointed to see that Strangers Things’ new season would not be premiering in October, but instead next year. Viewers were left trying to fill in the gap this year without their fill of the next chapter in the town of Hawkins, Indiana. Instead, this October, Netflix decided to debut their new original horror show, The Haunting of Hill House. The series is based off Shirley Jackson’s novel which explores the idea of the haunted house as a body.

The series follows the Crain family in the past and present as they deal with their haunting past in the Hill House. There is the patriarch of the family, Hugh who is a loving husband and father to his family. There is Olivia, the matriarch of the family who is deceased due to an unknown tragic event in the first episode. They have three daughters, Shirley, Theo, and Nell; and two sons, Steven and Luke. The family moved into the house years ago as the parents were renovating the house to sell it in the housing market. Their stay becomes unwelcome at first, the ghosts start to freak out the kids, whereas the parents only chalk it up to being kids with active imaginations. Slowly things happened that cannot be explained by simple coincidence. On a fateful night, tragic strikes the Crain family as, they are forced to move out, without Olivia. With the intercuts of the past and present, each one of them dealt with their trauma in different ways and have their own demons.

While the show is advertised as a horror series, the show deals with trauma, addiction, and mental illness with the metaphor of the house as the body and mind. The house traps the family with illusions and haunts them with their past. Every time a door slam is closed, or a window shatter is a metaphor for the conflicts the characters have with themselves, mentally and physically. They cannot escape the memory of the house. It is something they cannot escape, and no one will believe or hear them. Some of them can escape but unfortunately, some characters cannot escape the house.

The ghosts in each one of their lives acts a personal demon, it isn’t only about scaring people just for the sake of it but using subtle horror to scare us with a paranormal ghost thing but also scare us with the way grief and trauma latch onto us, they’re always there in the background, which is just as scary as ghosts and demons. For Nell, it is the Bent Neck Lady, which is possibly her mental illness haunting her. For Luke, there is the tall man with a top hat that follows him, which is possibly his heroin addiction.

It is not the typical horror that we would usually see in this genre. The scares will have you screaming sometimes, but also crying, not out of fear but also in empathy with the character and perhaps dealing with our own monsters. The show does not try to scare the audience just for the sake of being a horror. It does it subtly, but the scariest thing of all is perhaps dealing with grief and trauma. It is a horror series but there is the added complexity of family dynamics and conflicts with one’s body and mind. The show does leave us questioning whether the ghosts are actually real, or were they manifestations of the character’s grief and trauma?

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Jessi Law



Travis Scott truly changed the game of performing, and he has built such a close relationship with fans over the past year that every-time he performs a show it becomes more and more personal. He

continues to incorporate his fans into the performance, by inviting them on stage to crowd surf & to join him on the functioning rollercoaster he brought with him.

Travis came to Toronto on November 21st and not only did he make the concert environment truly theatrical by having balloons everywhere, insanely lit up stages, and people were walking around decked out head to toe.He wanted the fans, and he found every way possible to do so.‘’GOT A THOUSAND KIDS OUTSIDE THAT’S TRYNA COME ALIVE.’’

   Travis did not come alone, and he brought out a musical genius which he works closely with NAV, they performed one of their biggest songs ‘’BEIBS IN THE TRAP.’’ Travis repeatedly mentioned how much he adored Toronto and how every time he came. Once you go to Astroworld, you honestly never want to come back.

Travis has changed the name of music and performing for years, and it was indeed an honor to watch him perform live.

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Isabella Francella

Study Tips for the Exam Crunch

Student Study Support

Even though most of us have been studying for as long as we can remember, it can be really hard to find a study strategy that works best for you.  The following study tips are known to work with the many different kinds of learning that there are.  With final exams approaching, these tips might be useful to read and take into consideration.

TIP 1: Keep organized.  Once you know the date of your test, make a plan on paper so that you can properly manage your time.  Odds are, this test won’t be the only academic task you’ll have on your plate.  Organize yourself so that you can get other work out of the way in time to study without stressing yourself out.

TIP 2:  Learn how you work best.  Some people concentrate best when listening to music, some need absolute silence.  Make sure that you put yourself in an environment where you can be motivated and free of distraction.

TIP 3:  Lists.  When trying to memorize a list of some sort, come up with an acronym that is easy to remember.  This will make the list easier to remember and odds are, you’ll probably memorize it in a shorter amount of time.

TIP 4: Use shapes and colours!  Writing the different information you need to remember in various different colours might help you remember “this is what was written in red!” while writing your test.  If this doesn’t seem to be working, try outlining your different information in different colours and different shapes, this might spark a memory like “this was in the purple circle!”

TIP 5: Take breaks.  After a certain point, you might begin overworking your brain and when this starts to happen, your brain finds it more difficult to retain the information you’re studying.  After understanding one section of your work, take a 10 minute break, then begin to study the next section.

TIP 6: Understand, don’t memorize.  Sometimes, you might not be able to escape memorization, although, when possible, try understanding the information rather than memorizing it word for word.  Many students have become accustomed to this habit – doing this extends study time and fries your brain.

TIP 7: Eat.  Make sure to take care of yourself when studying.  Eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and allow yourself for snacks in between.  The healthier the food you choose to eat, the higher functioning your brain will be. 

TIP 8: Review.  Once you’ve studied certain material, don’t completely disregard it.  Keep revising your information.  It is believed that reading something over 7 times, is the number of times it takes to engrave it in your memory.

TIP 9:  Word association.  When trying to understand a certain concept, if possible, connect it to a subject you’re familiar with.  This will help you remember it more efficiently and make it hard to forget.  This is especially effective when memorizing definitions. 

TIP 10: Do your best.  You cannot put the pressure on yourself to do a perfect job every single time you write a test.  Of course, you should always write and study for tests with the intention of doing excellently, but as long as you gave the test your all and tried your very best, you should be proud.

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Beatriz Pardal Costa


Affordable Lunch for Students Around Ryerson, Part 2

Have you been to Katsuya? It is also one of the best 100 restaurants in Canada 2016-2017 by Yelp. One of its 3 locations in Ontario is conveniently located right on the Ryerson Campus, directly across from the Kerr Hall building on Gerrard St, perfect for  students to grab for lunch and go with friends! Katsuya serves delicious and authentic Japanese fusion cutlets with a large menu selections of different sauces. Carbonara, sweet chili, curry, teri mayo and many more. The variety of sauces satisfies everyone’s taste. The best thing is that their affordable and huge size cutlet plates also comes rice, salad and complimentary miso soup “all unlimited refills!” Great to share between 2 people if you’re not as hungry.

  • Cheese Crabmeat Croquette $5.50 | Rating  ★★★★★


Aside from their famous cutlets, Katsuya has a lot of special fusion appetizers as well. Their cheese crabmeat croquette dish was heavenly delicious! It’s by far my favourite croquette out of all the ones I’ve tried in Toronto. The dish came with 5 big pieces of fried “croquette balls” made with mashed potatoes, onions, melty mozzarella cheese and crabmeat. Not to mention their super crispy and crunchy shell, that brings all the flavours together in your mouth. What a great appetizer to share and start off your meal! I would love to come back to eat only the croquettes, because they are just so gooood!

  • Pork Tender Curry Katsu $15.50 | Rating  ★★★★★


  • Sweet Chili Cheese Katsu $17.75 | Rating  ★★★★★

For all the Katsuya deep fried meat cutlet plates, you have the options such as pork loin, chicken, fish, sweet potato katsu, even pork loin katsu stuffed with mozzarella and/or cream cheese. I ordered the pork loin katsu with the Japanese curry sauce, and the cheese stuffed katsu with the sweet chili sauce. I love katsuya’s massive portion and the huge katsu, the plate was honestly like the size of my face, totally worth the price. Crunchy crisp coating on the outside, while the meat was super tender and juicy on the inside. I totally recommend trying out the stuffed cheese katsu, because the cheese made the meat even more buttery and soft! All of their sauces pairs perfectly with katsu, really rich and taste unique in their own way. I can’t choose which sauce I like more, but definitely coming back to try out more!


  • Carbo Udon $13.50 | Rating  ★★★★☆

It’s okay if you’re not a big katsu fan, because Katsuya also got your back covered with their signature udons. Being a carbonara lover myself, I was so stooked to try out this Carbo Udon. Their carbonara sauce was very rich and creamy with a very nice thick consistency. The udon noodle is chewy and cooked pretty soft. I definitely recommend this dish to seafood lovers to try, because you can find large pieces of fresh shrimp and squid mixed the pool of their signature carbonara sauce (even pieces of bacon too).



Address: 66 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M5B 2M2


Sun – Thurs

11:30AM – 10: 00PM

Fri – Sat

11:30AM – 11:00PM

Telephone: 416-591-7756

Website: katsuya.ca

(multiple locations in Ontario)

Hey Toronto and Ryerson foodies~ I’m always hungry and looking for new food places to try! Collab and share your food recommendations with me! DM me @my.eatz

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Yunny Hou

T’is the Season


”It’s the most wonderful time of the year, With the kid’s jingle belling And everyone telling you be of good cheer.It’s the most wonderful time of the year’’

It indeed is the most beautiful time of year, and the distillery transforms itself from a typical market downtown to the most lit up and wonderful market throughout all of Toronto. They create a fairy tale land of everything Christmas, starting with the trees and Christmas lights, going all the way to the novelty that visitors can bring home many including nativity scenes and little stars. To the many lit up signs including references to Christmas songs. They have created this market to be a break from our real lives and to assist people in getting into the Christmas mood. 

They welcome people with open arms, allowing many visitors to get into the holiday spirit, they allow photos and have many lights and areas set up specifically for photos. Many people are not a fan of the winter season due to the excessive cold and earlier darkness. This Christmas market gives people something to look forward to every year, and they continue to offer their exquisite restaurants and many little market stores; they offer it in a winter wonderland version. You feel yourself entering a different world when you pay your yearly visit to the distillery.


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Isabella Francella