Healthy Snacks

During the stressful time of worrying about major assignments and finals, it can be really easy to fall off track with your diet.  Normally, we seek comfort in food and tend to eat more than usual and more junk than usual – there’s no shame in this, it’s only human
(Image credit: Konami) As you’ll recall from my last article, horror fans all across Twitter have been channeling their Sherlock Holmes’ deduction skills to decipher the cryptic clues Hideo Kojima has been leaving about a potential reboot of the infamous Silent Hills series. While Kojima Productions has yet to make
Here are the steps to create your own filters on Instagram Step 1: Download Spark AR StudioSpark AR Studio is a free software that anyone can download onto their laptops, and then simply log in with your Facebook account to start creating filters. A great thing about Spark AR is

Canadian Music Continues To Rally In The Midst of COVID-19

This isn’t the usual article you get to read from me. Typically, I would be going out to concerts, interviewing local bands, reviewing new albums, but right now is not the time. Like many others, I’ve been staying in the comfort of my home, social distancing and not leaving the

Revisiting To Pimp a Butterfly, Five Years Later

 Credit: Christian San Jose, rollingstone.comFive years ago, Kendrick Lamar released what would eventually become the most impactful creative work that I have ever experienced – To Pimp a Butterfly. To Pimp a Butterfly is an empowering project about race, fame, social economics, and as I have gone on to truly