The 20-year-old singer has undoubtedly created a name for himself after gaining recognition from a huge platform of listeners from across the globe which began with the creation of music covers on Vine. Now, Mendes has a sold-out Tour, 3 albums, and is even nominated for two Grammys as well

10 Essential Films While Avoiding the Outdoors

As we dive into this new semester, that promised freezing forecast quickly approaches. Now that venturing to the outdoors is not the most ideal activity to part take in during your free time, here are 5 conventional and 5 unconventional films to watch. The list is in no particular order,

Where to eat Matcha Tiramisu

Little Pebbles & Cheese Garden  Being a matcha big big lover myself, I love trying out all the different matcha desserts out there. So…my friend and I decided to hunt down the two places, one in Toronto and one in North York to try out their signature matcha tiramisus! Little

The Pains of Growing: Alessia Cara

Twenty-two year old Canadian artist, Alessia Cara, released her second album on November 30 titled The Pains of Growing.   When listening to the album in its entirety, I tried listening for a pattern in the order of the songs. Although there are no evident patters, it was very easy to

Travis Scott’s Astroworld: Wish You Were Here Tour

Travis Scott’s Astroworld: Wish You Were Here Tour in Scotiabank Arena was my first concert in Toronto and has been one of the best nights of my eighteen years of existence to say the least. From an insane stage set up consisting of two life sized roller coasters to knowing