All About Matcha! Amausaan Uji Matcha

Matcha? Yes please! I recently discovered this hidden Japanese Uji matcha dessert place located near Chinatown of Downtown Toronto. Amausaan specializes in their limited quantity, daily freshly made matcha desserts and drinks using high-quality uji matcha. It’s like a matcha heaven with so many choices of desserts and beverages, everything

Sucker – The Jonas Brothers Come Back

The very popular 2005 band, The Jonas Brothers, had broken up back in 2013 and many fans were devastated.  Brothers, Nick and Joe had mutually decided that they wanted to see what they could do by going solo, and Kevin decided that he wanted to take a break to focus

The Umbrella Academy Review

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Netflix show released a couple weeks ago, The Umbrella Academy. The show is based on the comic book series created by Gerard Way, the lead vocalist of the punk rock band, My Chemical Romance. Hence, you can already get a sense of the

The Latest Art Installation, Only Ten Minutes from Campus

Many interactive, Instagram worthy art installations have been coming to Toronto, the most recent entitled “The 7”. This free exhibit features eight unique themed set ups: a Jurassic Park room, a wedding themed room, a ball pit, a flamingo display, a piñata room, a balloon room, a Venus de Milo

2019 Oscars Predictions and Controversies

2019 Oscars Predictions and Controversies Another year of film has come and gone and if you have been paying close attention on social media, the lead up to the Oscars has been a rollercoaster. First it was Kevin Hart dropping out of the job of the host due to past