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Super Bowl 54’s halftime show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira reminded us once again that the event is about anything but the football game. The spectacle inspired me to take a look back at some of the best Super Bowl Performances in recent memory. Here’s my top 5:  Jennifer Lopez
Dr. Laffa has just recently opened on the corner of Church and Gerrard. It’s a kosher, Middle Eastern style takeout place, and once you get past the extremely unsettling logo design, it’s a pleasant little restaurant with a fairly extensive menu. Prices range from $8 to as much as $25
2020 marks the eighth annual TIFF Next Wave Film Festival. The festival, which always falls on a winter weekend, ran from February 14-16 this year. The TIFF Next Wave Film Festival is special—the selections are made by a committee of 12 students ranging in age from 15 to 18. Each
(image credit @ Eurogamer) (image credit @ Animal Crossing World) Animal Crossing fans have been freaking out this week since Nintendo announced the New Horizons special edition Switch for the game! Sporting an updated paint job and adorable Animal Crossing graphics, the new console is as cute as it gets