FYRE Festival

Social media plays a massive role in the way that we perceive things and it impacts the trust we have for people. Fyre festival was a festival that was introduced to the world in 2017, Billy Mcfarland wanted to recreate Coachella. He wanted a celebrity based music festival that would

tiff Next Wave

Are you a broke university student who’s feeling stressed because of school and need to have a little fun? Well I got just the thing for you. If you think the non-profit organization, TIFF only runs the major Toronto International Film Festival every year, only to hibernate the rest of
The Toronto Light Festival is back, for its third year in a row, at the Distillery District. With contributions from over twenty-two local and international artists, there’s so much to see. While some displays are there for aesthetic purposes, making it great for photos, others are actually informal. One educational
Pop singer, Ariana Grande recently released a single titled “7 Rings” which outlines her success and financial stability.  As soon as the song was released, people began to talk about how Grande’s new song made them feel about the amount of money in their pockets, and how similar certain parts
I’m a regular public transportation user. Subway, buses, trains, cabs, and then some. Over the past few years, I’ve gathered the essentials for traveling which I will now share with Ryerson students that also can’t afford living downtown Toronto. Always bring something to read. Since there’s no service or Wifi