Ever want to kill some time between classes or crave something sweet before your next lecture? Here are eight dessert spots, within a ten minute walk from campus that you need to try! I’ve listed them in order of closest, to farthest: CHOCO CHURROS This churro stand is right on
Korean Purple Dessert – Cafe Bora Bora means purple in Korean, and this Korean dessert cafe has the most aesthetic and beautiful purple desserts made out of purple sweet potato. Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream $5.95                       | Rating  ★★★★★ Purple Sweet Potato Tiramisu $9.95                       | Rating  ★★★★★ Cafe
  Captain Marvel is everything you’d expect from the first Marvel film with a lead female character: badass. Watching the origin story of one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe made me even more stoked for Avengers: Endgame. That being said, I agree with the current rating
Ghosts, demons, clowns, and serial killers have been the staples of horror movies. It’s the basic horror movie formula that has been perfected and ruined many times. They feed in our physical fears. However, as the genre evolves, more filmmakers are looking at psychological horror, which messes with our minds
So, I’m vegan. I have been for over 3 years actually! And it’s a huge part of my life. But it can also be sometimes problematic in my life too. It is sometimes hard to find vegan options when I’m out at restaurants with my friends or family who aren’t