Writer’s Roundtable

Writer’s Roundtable is a gathering of Ryerson students, every Thursday at 8:00 pm, who have a passion for writing and the process of creating meaningful content. From scripts to lyrics, and everything in between, Finley MacNeil, Alessandra di Frassineto, Gavriel Alaton, and a revolving weekly guest unravel the meaning behind the works of some of the greatest creative minds of the past and present. Through the deconstruction of syntax, understanding the structure the writer uses to build a story, and lively discussion, we breakdown the reason behind these choices. We also challenge the meaning behind the artist’s decisions and view new perspectives and the significance behind their works. With two of the hosts having a self-proclaimed “expert” view on the world of film and another that has an unusual obsession with The Great Gatsby, every week is bound to be a controlled disaster of conversation. When things just can’t seem to get more chaotic, we add another person into the mix. The host of the show will rotate every week, giving someone the opportunity to focus on a topic that they are truly enthused about. Writer’s Roundtable allows for all forms of writing to be appreciated and reminds us about the importance of writing in our world – whether that be ink on paper or flashing images on a screen.