Worth the Hype?

Worth The Hype is a podcast that will never go out of style (literally)! Co-hosted by two first-year RTA students Jenna Macchione and Sarah Munro and produced by Paolo Gismondi. Worth The Hype will discuss a variety of trendy topics each episode. Listeners can expect to hear from us every two weeks. The podcast will cover anything from movies to music, fashion to food and just about everything in between. Each episode we will choose one or more trending topics and give our opinions, and ideas about it, eventually leading to the conclusion if it’s “Worth The Hype” or not. We also plan to bring in the voice of the viewers through interactive segments such as vox pops and interviews as well as connecting through our other forms of social media such as Instagram. Of course, we are bound to have opposing views with each other as well as our guests, which will spark an engaging and controversial conversation. Worth The Hype is all about creating a space and community to talk for anyone whos got an opinion that wants to be heard! This show will stand the test of time as we will constantly be updating our content with the most recent trends, we will also reach a diverse audience and allow our listeners to have input on our conversations.

  1. Episode 1 Worth The Hype? 21:41
  2. Episode 2 Worth The Hype? 31:34
  3. Episode 3 Worth The Hype? 47:41
  4. Episode 5 Worth The Hype? 40:37
  5. Episode 6 Worth the Hype? 49:53
  6. Episode 7 Worth the Hype? 1:03:44
  7. To Judge or to be Judged & Life in LA ft. Stefano Gallelli Worth the Hype? 49:37