Worth the Hype

Worth The Hype is a podcast that will never go out of style! In each episode, we cover the latest trends & lifestyle topics. Co-hosts, Jenna Macchione and Sarah Munro, both go to university in downtown Toronto. We share ours & your opinions in each episode through polls and q&a’s on Instagram. Most importantly, every show ends with a big decision … we give the verdict of if the topic of the week is “worth the hype”.

  1. Episode 1 Worth The Hype? 21:41
  2. Episode 2 Worth The Hype? 31:34
  3. Episode 3 Worth The Hype? 47:41
  4. Episode 5 Worth The Hype? 40:37
  5. Episode 6 Worth the Hype? 49:53
  6. Episode 7 Worth the Hype? 1:03:44
  7. To Judge or to be Judged & Life in LA ft. Stefano Gallelli Worth the Hype? 49:37