The basic concept for “We’re Gonna Need a Better Podcast” is really in the name itself. Quoting the famous line from the movie Jaws (that being “we’re gonna need a bigger boat”), the podcast is about movies. The two movie loving hosts, Levi Albert and Eric Tostevin will attempt to entertain and interest audiences by sharing their somewhat insightful opinions on some fo their favourite movies and movie makers! The podcast will evolve on its own, but for now, it follows a simple structure; each episode will be based on a certain topic, which the hosts will waste no time in getting into. From episodes discussing specific movies to movie genres to specific directors, theres no shortage of content to discuss. However in the future, there are hopes for specific segments to develop; some ideas include a news segment at the beginning of each episode as well as entertaining ones to be played closer to the end! Segments which you may see include: a “vs” segment (where the hosts discuss battles between two fictional characters and who would win), a segment called “Movie of the week” (where the hosts share or feature fun movies for the audience to check out), and more! The podcast will also have many guests in order to gain other insight and opinions from other movie lovers just like the hosts.