Vortex Theatre

Do you enjoy strange worlds and unusual story-telling? Are you a fan of speculative-fiction or fantasy? Do you moonlight as some sort of mythic being? (A librarian, perhaps.) Do you lie awake at night, plagued by dreams in which your teeth… oh god, your teeth… they keep falling out. Why do you have so many teeth? Why?

If you answered “Yes”, “No”, or “…What?” to any of the above questions we’ve got the podcast for you! Paisley Sears and Shiann Nias bring you Vortex Theatre: a podcast about robots, fae, mysterious clockwork, lost teeth (please return), found teeth (finders keepers!), terrible job interviews, tiny elevators embedded in the walls of your home, and snails.

Every episode of Vortex Theatre features a partially improvised story, in which Paisley builds a world and a conflict, and Shiann reacts to it. The stories are surreal and fantasy based, with occasional horror and sci-fi elements.