This is Unpacked, the podcast that discusses modern day feminism and how it relates to the world today. Join us, Madi Hanaka and Courteney Dorrington, as we breakdown current feminist ideologies and unpack how they affect society as a whole. Each episode we introduce a new topic and through research and critical analysis we will tackle relevant social phenomena through the eyes of two young women.

  1. Why you shouldn't Call Her Daddy Unpacked 37:59
  2. It's All About the Tropes Unpacked 35:12
  3. Girl On Girl Unpacked 31:54
  4. Sex and Advertising Unpacked 39:52
  5. Trending Topics Unpacked 28:02
  6. Femvertising and Commodity Activism Unpacked 28:47
  7. Hypersexualization of Women in Pop Culture Unpacked 30:45