United Wastemen


If you live in the big city of Toronto and feel like you have no idea what you’re doing; it’s okay, neither do we. We’re wastemen and so are you.


Join the United Wastemen for our podcast on Spirit Live. We discuss topics like pop culture, sports, how we navigate the big city, and our Ryerson experience. We may even have a guest once in a while who is of equal or higher intelligence than us. This will all be adapted to our new pandemic lifestyles, to keep up with the times and keep everyone safe.


If you’re looking for some solid advice, good music and an overall good time; tune in to the United Wastemen right here on SpiritLive Podcasts.


You can access these any time on the SpiritLive website under United Wastemen, or check us out on Youtube under the same name.


See you there,


The Ethans