Uhhh… I Don’t Think You Should Do That

What is Uhhh… I Don’t Think You Should Do That? Well, it’s a show that should have never been green-lit. This is the show that you get when you scrape the bottom of the barrel; the worst of the worst. It’s the show that makes the Joe Rogan podcast look like it’s the Family Channel. Now you may be thinking “How did these bozos get their own show???”, well we honestly don’t know. This show is so bad we’ve only got four microphones for five people... If that doesn’t scream unprofessionalism, maybe our bad advice will. Our members Tom, Niall, Devlin, Jake, and Rob all gather around four microphones every Wednesday evening at 7:10 pm to give you some of the worst advice possible — advice that you should definitely never follow. Unless of course you really don’t care about your health, relationships, street cred and financial wellbeing. We also tell really embarrassing stories, play madlibs from time to time, read your messages, get questions weekly from Tom’s mom, and more! If you’ve ever wanted to know why people like us shouldn’t get an hour to broadcast on live radio, then this is the show you definitely shouldn’t tune into every Wednesday at 7:10 pm.