Tunes & Teams

Tunes&Teams is a show where we try to combine our love for music and basketball. The main segment of our show is Hunter and I (Emile) both coming up with an album that we can compare to an NBA Championship team.

For example, Hunter discusses how Drake’s Take Care reminds him of the 2018-2019 Raptors team.

We will not only compare the album/teams but will discuss what made those albums/teams so good and why we love them.

Another segment of our show will be Hunter and I bringing up current new singles/albums that remind us of current NBA storylines/outcomes. This gives our show a good element of recency and can allow us to stay up to date and not make our show too predictable.

For example, Tacko Fall’s NBA debut reminds Emile of Travis Scott’s new song “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM”.

We will then go on to talk about this new music and NBA events because that is what we love to do and will not restrict our show to the comparisons. That is simply our outline.

Hope you guys tune in to Tunes&Teams on on Tuesday’s from 2-3!