Tiny Talk

Tiny Talk is a radio show that will be broadcast every Wednesdays from 10am to 11am with your hosts Jussica, Arani, and Katy. Everyone hates small talk, but they will love Tiny Talk! Tiny Talk is an easy-going radio show where our main goal is to get our audience engaged. We aim to bring in guests every week, so that even non-RTA students, family, and friends can experience what the radio format is like. Jussica, Arani, and Katy want to be the Roz, Mocha, and Maury of the Ryerson community and interact with our audience as much as possible so that they will have fun listening to their own ideas and topics on the broadcast. We will be taking suggestions from viewers, get our listeners to call in, and interact live with our audience while we are broadcasting. We want our show to be in the miscellaneous genre so that everyone can enjoy our content!  Through our social media channels, mainly Instagram, and Facebook, we want to really engage our audience and get them to decide and vote on possible topics, controversies, and challenges for the week. We want to choose 2 main topics per week, and during our intermission period, we will be asking our audience questions, performing music, and even an advice column to help a fellow listener out!