The Worst-Show

Do you like bad TV? Going on tangents? Just being dumb and hanging out with your friends? Welcome to The Worst: A TV review show with a twist. Every week, hosts Adam, Sarah and Sam watch the worst rated episode of a TV show none of them have ever seen before, try to make sense of it, and give a review. On top of that, every so often, we’ll dive into the worlds of critical analysis and concoct our own fan theories, because bad art deserves just as much attention as the good, and we’re just the clowns for the job!

We broadcast live every Thursday morning from 10:10 am to 11:00 am. Don’t fret if you can’t tune in for that time however, you can always listen to us here at, or on one of our other platforms, as a stream, VOD or just audio formats. We are always looking on making the Worst, better! Feel free to email us too at if you have any weird or obscure shows that you’d like to see us review or if you have anything else you’d like to say, we’d love to hear from you!