Tea Time with B & V

Welcome to Tea Time With B&V, the podcast dedicated to all things entertainment! Join our hosts, Bella and Vanessa as they entertain and inform listeners on the latest news and gossip on a local and global scale. They do so while also providing their insight on day to day issues everyone faces; starting with relationships, friendships and self-love. The girls come from similar but VERY different backgrounds and have what they think is worlds of experience. Both are in Ryerson’s RTA program and are aiming for a future in broadcasting, marketing, and advertising. We will also give you the opportunity to speak out and ask Bella and Vanessa your personal questions via our Instagram @TeaTimeWithBandV and receive some unbiased, outside of the box answers. This platform will give you a chance to connect with the hosts themselves and pick at their brains. We provide a free space to talk openly, have fun and be free while also experiencing some moments of serious and deep personal talks. You’re about to enter a whole new world of truth, advice, opinions and of course some laughs. Bella and Vanessa love to talk and nothing is off limits when they’re in the studio!