The Relay

“The Relay” is a sports talk show hosted by Eric Cruikshank and Dana Ryan, two Sports Media students based out of Ryerson University in the heart of downtown Toronto. Every other week, Eric and Dana will be giving their thoughts and perspectives on the hottest topics in sports, followed along with segments that include predictions for upcoming sporting events, “what if’s”, and an updated locker room playlist. On “The Relay”, you get a bit of everything! Eric and Dana pride themselves on being well rounded in their knowledge of many sports, while also having many opposing opinions that are sure to spark some passionate debates for every show. “The Relay” will also include many different guests from the sporting community, whether it be former coaches, teammates or people that can give insight on the topics at hand.  You’ll never get bored of just hearing our voices! Every episode is roughly an hour long and is packed fill with funny moments and intriguing arguments between the two hosts. So, if you’re a sports lover, or just someone who want to know what’s going on in the world, tune in every other week to get ‘The Relay’ on everything that’s going on!