The Ranney Rundown

The Ranney Rundown is your stop for what’s hot in Toronto and across the globe. Each episode will feature the main host Alex Ranney in a stimulating conversation that is guaranteed to make you think. The show will also feature a surprise special guest, which could be anyone from a close friend, mentor, family member – the possibilities are endless! Kick back, relax and escape to another world as you listen to Alex and his guest discuss what matters most that week. For each episode, Alex and his guest will examine multiple trending topics by giving their thoughts and opinions. As each episode is roughly 30 minutes, it’s perfect for your morning commute or your daily homework break. Let The Ranney Rundown be your #1 source for the latest topics that matter. Social media and news sources are cool, but we matter because The Ranney Rundown is more than just a podcast or another news source – it’s an experience.