The No Cap Recap

The No Cap Recap is a sports radio show featuring two second year Sport Media students, (Bowen Cunningham and Milan Stanciu). Bowen & Milan discuss a plethora of topics, including: Current events, what-if scenarios, discussion questions, and predictions for upcoming games and events. Last year, The No Cap Recap had a third host (Jai Mohit), however he has taken a break for the fall semester and will hopefully be back on air for next semester. What seperates “The No Cap Recap” from other sports shows is that NCR brings you nothing but the truth; we don’t cap! Be prepared for some hot takes between two sports fans that have differing views the majority of the time. Bowen and Milan speak mainly on the world of European soccer and the NBA, but are always open to speak and touch on any big topic in the world of sports. Each week, there is a “What a guy/gal” segment where the hosts shout out someone in the world of sports for anything funny, heroic, or really anything that deserves acknowledgement in the world of sports. Overall, each show is a great way to educate yourself with some great takes in the world of sports.