The MunchCast

The MunchCast will be a discussion based podcast revolving around food and snacks. Though food/snacks are the heart of the show, different related topics will arise. Different segments will engage discussion and storytelling within the MunchCast group and hopefully bring in some laughs.


The show will start with an opening theme song and a short introduction to the participants. Right off the bat we will discuss what we ate for breakfast/lunch (depending what time we record). A news segment particularly about food will occur after the introduction. At the end of the podcast we will discuss what each of us feel like eating at that very moment. What’s in between the beginning and ending of the podcast will vary depending on the episode as we discover new things to talk about. We will have different segments such as discussing gross food combinations, a true/false game about food facts, and answering Yahoo! questions about food. This podcast will be primarily opinion based which will show the personality of the team.


The most differentiating aspect of our show is our out of studio segments. Some segments will take place out of studio that will require our team to try/eat different foods. The main reason for this is the fact that we can’t eat in the studios. But it will also give us some flexibility in what we are able to include in the podcast. We feel that actually eating food/snacks in some parts of the podcast will make our opinions more viable and more enjoyable to listen to