The LTE Network

In a world with a vast media landscape, it’s difficult to choose what to direct your attention towards. Keeping track of the latest social buzz and current media-related news can seem a bit overwhelming, which is why The Laura and Thomas Entertainment (LTE) Network was created. This podcast is a unique platform that will allow you, the listener, to engage in a casual conversation between two loud, enthusiastic and upbeat Media Production students, Laura Rollock and Thomas Genga, as well as featured guests, musicians, producers, artists, and life-long friends. They will provide their scope on all of the latest trends, memes, and pop culture references, while also taking part in question and answer segments, weekly social buzz recaps, cringey online posts segments, and a series of other segments that will have you dying of laughter. This podcast is for those of you who don’t have the time in your day to scroll through thousands of social media posts, news articles, and blog posts to find out what’s going on in our world. The LTE Network will present you with short, yet hilariously entertaining, episodes on all of the most recent pop culture crazes, trends, and memes that will help you finally understand what the kids are talking about nowadays.