The Bachelor Uncut

We’re back! Welcome to a podcast that’s all things Bachelor. Hosts Valerie and Jessamyn will be catching listeners up on all the latest bachelor nation drama, as well as getting you all hyped for Matt James’ season of The Bachelor! As we have come to expect, there will be plenty of drama and your hosts will be here to spill all the tea. Whether it’s The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or Bachelor in Paradise, Jessamyn has been a dedicated member of “Bachelor Nation”. Valerie was the newbie before, but is now completely hooked on all things bachelor. So, it will be quite interesting to hear their respective opinions regarding the contestants, the dates, decision making skills and of course, each week’s rose ceremony. Each episode will begin with some casual conversation, catching up, and quickly refreshing the listeners as to what happened in last week’s episode. Then, the podcast will transition into discussing the three main elements of that week’s episode – the dates, the drama, and the elimination. There is usually more than one date that viewers are entertained by – a group date, a one-on-one, and/or a two-on-one. The discussions will keep listeners on their toes – it is guaranteed this will be, in the familiar words of Chris Harrison, the “most dramatic podcast yet” in Bachelor Nation…

  1. Lone Wolf The Bachelor Uncut 11:34
  2. The Bennett Appreciation The Bachelor Uncut 23:39
  3. Bye Clare The Bachelor Uncut 21:16
  4. Out with the old and In with the new The Bachelor Uncut 16:17
  5. Season 3 - Episode 2 The Bachelor Uncut 24:45
  6. Season 3 - Episode 1 The Bachelor Uncut 20:55
  7. Season 2 - Episode 2 The Bachelor Uncut 17:22
  8. Season 2 - Episode 1 The Bachelor Uncut 26:08
  9. Week 9 The Bachelor Uncut 24:44
  10. Week 8 The Bachelor Uncut 25:32
  11. Week 7 Recap The Bachelor Uncut 12:39
  12. Episode 2 The Bachelor Uncut 19:41
  13. Master Recap A (EP 1,2,3) The Bachelor Uncut 27:06
  14. Hello 2021! The Bachelor Uncut 17:00
  15. Hometowns Baby! The Bachelor Uncut 21:46
  16. Finale The Bachelor Uncut 17:18