The A-List C-List

Have you heard about The Room, a drama so notoriously awful that it became a comedy upon reception? How about the many more terrible films which, by comparison, make The Room look like a piece directed by Quentin Tarantino?


The A-List C-List is about exactly those types of films.


Your hosts are Taylor Hopkins and Nathan Williams, third-year Media Production students that are passionate about movies–especially the bad kind. But in voraciously consuming the best of the worst, they’ve discovered that there truly is an art to terrible cinema.


They’ve taken classes and learned what makes movies great. Now it’s time to turn their nerdy eye for cinema towards what makes some bad movies good, and some bad movies just plain bad.


Each week on Mondays at 3:00 PM on SpiritLive, Tay and Nate will explore the works of auteurs like Tommy Wiseau and Neil Breen. They will analyze what makes the wrong things they do come out so right, and what draws audiences to their terrible work.


You will hear audio clips of alien-like dialogue, dissections of plots (or lack thereof), and acting so wooden you could build a house with it. Get ready to learn and laugh with Tay and Nate, as they look at the A-List of C-List movies.