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A Cinematic suiteAdd a soundtrack to your life with this easy going show paying homage to the modern composers of our time, from Hans Zimmer, to John Powell, you'll surely have a very cinematic time. In the hour, well be able to break down the music, invent our own stories, and really just de stress.
BabinksiWhat is internet culture and why does it exist? With special emphasis on meme culture, your hosts Mandy and Erik explore what it means to be online in the ever changing culture of the internet.
Bae WatchThe title says it all! It's Emma, Ksenia and Steph back at it again for season three! We are second year students here to discuss everything BAE. Acquiring baes, juggling baes, texting baes, you get the idea. What is a bae? It's any person who is equally interested in you, as you are in them, or something along those lines. University is a magical dating pool with a potential bae around every corner and we are here to help you navigate these rough waters.
Beyond the ArcCan't get enough basketball in your life? Neither can we. Check in for live hot takes on all things hoops, from the Rams to the Raptors. Whether on or off the court, you will get your fill of news from the realm of basketball. Guest appearances, pop culture references, and the occasional roast makes this sports spectacle one you don't want to miss.
Beyond the BarsBeyond the Bars offers a loud 'n' proud voice to Toronto's incredibly diverse hip hop community. With a unique and unfiltered perspective on current events and news at large, join Baz and Superior Method as they place the constantly changing culture of hip hop under the microscope.
Big and Tall Sports TalkBig and Tall Sports Talk is a show where Pete Apostolopoulos and Alec Reid take an inside look into sports. With 6 years of combined University level sport experience, these two hosts really do know their stuff. With special guests from around the sporting world joining them every week, this isn't a show that you want to miss out on. Can't get enough Big and Tall, check out previous episodes of the Big and Tall Sports Podcast on Youtube:
Blue Bloods LiveOur show will focus mainly on the Toronto Maple Leafs, as well as NHL news from around the league.
Breakfast Poems
Buzzer Beater
Calvin and Nick's Impromptu Radio ShowCalvin picks the music, Nick talks about it. Any questions?
Come Zum MiWayTwo kids from Mississauga and Brampton talking about the commute and different experiences and problems we face on a day to day basis.
Commish & K'sFeaturing opinion, analysis and discussion of hot-button topics from the sports universe, Commish & K's brings you everything you need to know to stay current across a wide range of sports. And if you need advice for any of your fantasy teams, we've got you covered for that, too!
Crispy GibberishCrispy Gibberish is a comedic talk show chalk full of satire, sketch comedy and heated banter, aimed to fight back any boredom you may be feeling. Listen to cool tunes, hear hosts argue about why crayons are better than pencil crayons and get our take on just what is happening to our world.
Deja JamsCome by and listen to some tasty tunes that you may have heard before!
Dinner with DanielleGet the wine and cheese plate ready, cause it's time to catch up with Danielle and Amina Ð we are back for a final season at SpiritLive! Dinner with Danielle is a comedy show where two students catch up on all things from pop culture to Ryerson student life (over dinner, of course). Come join our table, and get ready to dish with Danielle and Amina.
Don't tell MomOur show is about the conversations you just don't talk about. Cringe worthy stories? Yes! Guilty pleasures? Yes! Music that reminds you of your ex? Well of course! Our show is the inside to what your thinking but never talk about, and we are here to say the words so you don't have to. So sit back and enjoy the awkwardness.
dot WaveListen to some bomb music with us, it's gonna be a hoot.
Electronic Circus FMElectronic Circus FM will take you into the mix with some of the hottest EDM tracks of the week.
Fantasy TalksWondering how you will win your fantasy league this year? Well then tune in to Fantasy Talks and listen to Ryan Sura and Sammy K give advice on anything fantasy sports! We'll breakdown any dilemma or problem you have. All you have to do is listen and ask!
Fight NightIn a world where millennials disagree on everything and start petty fights over nothing, two millennials go above and beyond, documenting their arguments as they take sides on major happenings in the modern day and age.
Free FormOn Free Form, Monique and Kelsey will explore what they think are some of the best and worst media adaptations. From greats like the Harry Potter books to movies to some questionable adaptations like the Angry Birds movie - we'll cover it all!
Full Court PressOur show is going to be about college basketball in the United States. There are so many fans of this exhilarating brand of basketball all over North America. We will cover major news (i.e scores, updates, injuries, standings, playoffs, etc) as well as some more in depth feature discussions on either a team, a league, a player or maybe even a game.
Girls Night InLatest trends and weekly updates on subjects such as movie releases, new music, celebrities, and more!
His & HersThe difference in opinion between the male and female species can be quite interesting. Our show is about just that. We will analyze different scenarios and real life experiences of our peers and break things down from the male and female perspective. Things might get heated, chirps will be thrown, but humour and intellect will prevail.
Hunter Carson Talk About MoviesWeekly show that reviews and discusses current and classic movies.
I Hate Music... Well, that's not exactly the case. My bizarre array of music tastes will be on display in full force for 50 minutes of free flowing musical fun.
It's About TimeIt's About Time is a talk show that covers a wide variety of fun and unusual topics. If you like also like R&B, Hip-Hop, and super cool throwbacks, we've got stuff like that too! Tune in!
Jjajangmyeon ExplosionJjajangmyeon Explosion! is a radio show that focuses on popular Korean culture, including K-pop, K-hiphop and K-dramas etc. We play K-pop and K-hiphop music, talk about recent artist comebacks and everything K-entertainment!
Ladies TripThe ladies are back again and this time they're leaving North America and heading over seas to listen to the best and the worst music the rest of the world has to offer. We'll be exploring music from the UK, New Zealand, Australia and more! The road trip continues so start your engines and buckle up for a wild ride!
Lady SuitsOne Mexican girl and one Italian girl walk into a bar. Wait no. A studio. They sit down to talk all things feminism, sexism, stereotypes, gender roles and how it all varies in different cultures. As they become media industry professionals, they will also be discussing other points of view regarding society's controversial topics and inviting guests in to tell us about their experiences. The show welcomes any gender to join in and listen because everyone should be involved.
Low Key Murdered with Tina and MichaelaMichaela and Tina tackle your everyday relationship problems incredibly well. They love answering your questions about relationships with your partner, mom, dad, sister, boyfriend's mom, girlfriend's dad, partner's brother, your dog, your boss, your... They live vicariously through your problems.
Ma RantsDo you ever feel like ranting about all of life's problems? Us too! Ma Rants is a SpiritLive show where we rant about things! Things like we like, things we don't, school, pop culture, and everything in between. We also play your favourite 90s nostalgic pop, everything from Backstreet Boys to Spice Girls. Come hang out with us!
MARVELOUSThis is a show about Super heroes for comic fans that don't read the comics. It keeps everyone up to date on the latest heroes coming to the big screen, and gives listeners vital information on characters from Marvel's Cinematic Universe
Media WeeklyThis show covers the newest in media for the week from movie trailers to new album drops. Anything that might be exciting in the world of media, we will cover it.
Nairisha Batada Podcast
Nobody Listens to Your Spirit Live Show
Not Even Remote-lyTalking about TV, and its trends, tropes.
Off The CuffSports talk. Its nothing new, and it takes place everywhere. From local watering holes, to your basement den, to the arenas themselves, what spectators see both on and off the field of play conjures up compelling conversations. After all, sport is bigger than a score line, and sports talk is a reflection of the unpredictable social climates within which they operate.

This is Off The Cuff. You are about to embark on a journey into the intricate world of sports talk. From shocking in-arena antics, to the inevitable controversies away from them, this podcast is not just trade talk, analysis or projections. Off The Cuff is about discussing current events in the world of sports... As they happen. Unfiltered. Impassioned. Unapologetic.
OffsidePodcast about the most beautiful game in the world- soccer. Will include discussion and banter on a sport that goes around the world and back.
Playlists & PalsI love music and I love my friends, so what's better than a live radio show with my friends about music?! My name is Lauren Knight and each week I will be sharing playlists curated by myself and my closest pals. Music genres will vary each week based on the friends being interviewed. Be sure to tune in every Thursday night at 10pm to listen to some great tunes and meet some of the amazing people in my life.
Puck TalkMose Desmoulins and Graeme Thomson break down the week in the NHL. With equal parts brain and banter, this 50 minutes is can't miss entertainment.
Punk In DrublicPunk Music. Semi-Punk dudes
RandomMessWe're three friends who love to talk... Like, really love to talk. Our conversations so often end up so strange, exciting and confusing, that we decided to make a whole show based around them. We'll be discussing a ton of topics: from YouTube drama to conspiracy theories, we aren't afraid to share our opinions and critique things without any mercy. This show is random and we're a mess; this is RandomMess.
Ring in the RyeA wrestling podcast where we break down what happened during the week in the WWE. I'm sure we'll make some hot takes as well!
RU for Real?Tune into RU For Real to get a little taste of our spin on entertainment news! We will cover current, international events as well as how the F Kim K got so slim, don't think we forget about all the handsome devils who aren't present in our lives!! Follow us on Twitter to get sneak peek details on topics of the week, open to suggestions!!
Say What?Chill out with your favourite girls as we talk about topics such as celebrity drama to girl problems and everything in between, right here on Say What?
Sh*tShowSomething stinks around here, and it isn't just the smell of sewage on campus... it's all the shit in the media! Everyone loves talking about the #1 films, tv shows, songs and books out there, but why aren't we ever talking about #2?

Coming in strong and less constipated than usual, we're back for Sh*tShow, Season 2: Shittier and Prettier! And this time around, we're not holding back. We've got more reviews, more fails, and more poop puns than you can shake a toilet brush at!

Catch all the action on every week on SpiritLive!
Sonic EvolutionSonic Evolution dives into the musical catalogue of a different artist each week. From early studio recordings to most recent releases, explore how your favourite artists' signature style has evolved throughout their career.
Sounds Weird and Obscure but OKEver wonder how your friends find those REALLY cool indie bands with five supporters on bandcamp and half an album? Yeah, me neither. But now YOU can be that friend! And hopefully your friends will praise you! Cycling through guest hosts from local weird and obscure bands, SWAOBO will feature tons of strange (but okay!) local and not so local bands, accompanied by only the strangest groovy vinyls found at the thrift store. Now you (yes, you!) can be that friend to say "80s Nigerian Funk, anyone?
Stirring the PotLooking for your fix of today's latest sports news? Well we have the recipe for you! Stirring the Pot is RTA's hottest new sports round table debate show. Join Kyle, Max, Raquel and Juan, some of Ryerson's loudest and most opinionated personalities, every Friday from 11-12 as they tackle today's most talked sports topics. They promise to serve up a feast of sports knowledge that any fan of any sport can indulge in. Make sure to tune in and Bon Appetite!
That's a Rap!That's a Rap! - a discussion of the latest Hip-Hop and Comedy!
The Aux ChordAll things music, all things fun!
The CommutersQuestions about your fantasy team? The Commuters will make sure you're in the know on what's happening around the sports world. Daniel Pignataro, Steven Psihogios, Adam Iafrate and Noah Goldsmith will discuss what's happening around the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL on SpiritLive.
The Crackin' Wise ShowTwo guys rambling on about sports and current events! Come for the talk, stay for the shenanigans!!!
The Gay AgendaQueer folk talk culture!
The Know ShowThe Know Show, hosted by Kelsey Espensen is a fun show that teaches you things you didn't know! With lots of facts, history, trivia, music, riddles, life hacks and more! Do you know what flamingos are pink? You better tune in to find out!
The Midweek MixupGet your party on every Wednesday night for The Midweek Mixup! Each week, a live DJ spins the hottest dance tracks and gets you in the know about the latest news from the EDM scene. Hosted by DJ Transmission, The Midweek Mixup can be heard on multiple online and FM radio stations across the country. Request a song, read about the DJs or listen to previous episodes on!
The NestDiscussing relationships, love, sex and gender.
The Noodle HourThis is not a show. This is an experience. This is The Noodle Hour: a show where we boil down our minds, simmer expectations, and get saucy live-on-air.
The PreGetting ready for a fun night out in the 6ix? Tune into The Pre with Mac and Katrina to hear some good music, some crazy party stories, and some informative partying tips to make your night out a success. Get to know the best places in Toronto to have a good time while you listen to the hottest tracks to get you LIT!
The Raben ReportA non-politically correct discussing everything from politics, to feminism, to climate change, and everything else everyone's too afraid to talk about.
This Just InThis Just In! Jade, Katie, Julianna, and Chloe are sorting through the media to discuss the latest in food, beauty, and of course breaking entertainment news! Always keeping topics raw and relative to the youth culture, as the ladies involve many others in their show, through sharing personal experiences.
This Week in HockeyTune in to listen to some Sport Media characters discuss and debate everything around the NHL.
TWXLL TURN UP SESSIONWhat Does a TWXLL Turn Up Session Sound Like? It would sound like the hottest music out right now. Toronto Music, Rap, Grime, Rnb maybe even some EDM. TWXLL Turn Up Session is DJ TWXLL at his finest, tune in and get lit with me.
Ubah Has SubstanceWe all need a little bit of substance in our lives. This kind won't give you a hangover BUT it will still be lit. Join Ubah Guled to hear some woke conversations, music and opinions about anything relevant in Media (for the most part).
Wait 'Til You Hear ThisWait Til You Hear This is a commentary talk show where hosts Roni, Lianna, and Kali discuss and share their opinions on the craziest, weirdest, and funniest news and stories each week. Ranging from weird news stories from around the world to personal stories shared by the hosts, Wait ÔTil You Hear This covers the funny and mind-blowing stories for all to hear. BONUS: There's fun games to play each week!
Weekly UpdateJoin John Sullivan and his co-hosts and friends as we discuss news, current affairs, entertainment, music and more!
What the Flick?Join Noah and Harrison as we discuss everything new and old in the entertainment industry. We will talk about all of our favourite, and least favourite, TV shows and movies! We will analyze the different elements of various TV shows and movies and give our opinion on them! We will talk about all genres of movies, big blockbusters and smaller lesser known productions. So join us as we explore the vast world of television and movies.
Your Inside ScoopWith hilarious commentary from three of the most candid and outrageous people youÕll ever hear, The Inside Scoop is ready to keep you up to date on all of this weekÕs trending topics. WeÕll also feature some fellow content creators whoÕll talk about their upcoming projects and some tips and tricks on producing on a budget. Whether it be another surprise Beyonce album drop or finding the best rental houses, weÕre here to keep you in the loop with the Inside Scoop